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March 1, 2013 Online Data Backup Expert Tips: Complete Windows Server Backup: Local, Online, and Remote

If you’re looking to reduce costs and improve performance for Windows server backup, including local, online and remote office backup, consider DataProtect – 3-in-1 windows server backup from

An enterprise-grade backup solution, DataProtect costs about 50% less than well-known backup software + cloud storage in most environments and includes functionality for data archiving and disaster recovery. Both physical and virtual Windows servers can be backed up irrespective of their location and plug-ins are available for Hyper-V, SQL, Exchange, and NetApp.

How It Works
Zetta DataProtect is a complete managed backup service that delivers 99.9996% backup reliability and 100 percent recovery reliability. To protect your data with this level of reliability, Zetta’s solution has been architected with enterprise-grade security and support.

Secure data transfer and storage is achieved using an combination of 256-bit SSL and Salsa20 data encryption for all customer data – as it is transferred across the internet and “at rest” in Zetta’s data centers.

The data centers themselves are geographically diverse – on both the West Coast and East Coast of the US – to provide the highest level of data availability even in the event of a natural or manmade disaster.

The data handling and security procedures that Zetta follows receive regular SSAE-16 audits to guarantee compliance. Zetta is a fully SSAE-16 audited service, in addition to our physical data centers, an additional layer of transparency not offered by other backup vendors.

Finally, All Zetta customers receive 24×7 US-based engineer level phone support in case anything should a server failure or natural disaster occur.

Technology Highlights
Zetta’s windows server backup solution is able to improve backup performance while reducing costs thanks to three key technologies:

1. Incremental Forever Backup – To make your nightly backups complete faster after the initial backup of server data is complete, DataProtect uses advanced sub-file level detection technology to identify pieces of files that have changed since the previous day, and sends just that data securely across the internet to Zetta’s enterprise-grade data
centers. This technology helps companies meet their backup windows by reducing the amount of data that has to be backed up each day.

2. Snapshot & Replication – Snapshots enable you to recover different versions of your data from specific points in time. It works by capturing a space-efficient image of data after the daily Incremental Forever sync is complete. Since DataProtect replicates the most recent copy of your data – stored as a complete file system – just like in your actual environment, recovering individual files is fast and easy, even from a specific past date.

3. WAN Optimization – If you have a large amount of data but not a lot of internet bandwidth, then Zetta DataProtect’s WAN optimization will significantly boost your backup and recovery performance. There are over 10 individual patent-pending technologies that DataProtect uses to improve backup performance, including a local cache of digital file signatures that cuts down on traffic and data centers where 80% of recoveries are handled by SSD and RAM for faster read times.

Complete Backup & Recovery
Zetta DataProtect simplifies windows server backup administration. It can be set up in 15 minutes and requires no new appliance or hardware. Network Managers and SysAdmins can perform server backups to a local storage target, offsite, or from remote offices using a single centralized web-based management console.

For a starting price of $225 a month, you get an unlimited number of backup & recovery software licenses, 500GB of enterprise-grade storage, and 24×7 support.

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