By Anbarasan Tamilarasan, Senior Product Manager at Vembu Technologies
March 08, 2013

Vembu Online Data Backup Expert Tips: Vembu’s Custom Plugins for Backup

StoreGrid’s backup options are amazing. But, still more amazing is the backup customization options that are available to users. Users can create custom plugins with additional commands to kick in before or after the backup operation. For instance, users may like StoreGrid to search and select specific kinds of files from the system, before the backup operation begins and the selected set of files and folders are backed up.

The plugin configuration file is an XML file. This file has to be created from within the plugins directory in StoreGrid so that it remains integrated with the application. Any number of custom plugin files can be created and each can be uniquely named. All plugin files created will automatically appear in the Backup Configuration Tree and can be selected from the Add Backup Schedule drop down in the backup scheduling interface to run with that specific schedule.

Custom plugins are identified by the StoreGrid application using the tag. Users can specify the name of the plugin within the code and can activate the plugin by giving it an “IsValid” value of 1. If the tag is used, the custom code will run before the backup schedule for the plugin. Multiple tags can be included in a single custom plugin. All commands under the tags will run before the backup operation kick starts. Users can specify the Directory or directories on which the command must be run and time frames can be specified for the operation and time outs can be made to kick in if the command fails to run within a specified time frame.

Multiple Customized commands can be defined to run post backup using the XML tag. For instance, the plugin can initiate a clean up operation after the backup is completed or check whether all open files have been backed up or additional changes in open files need to be backed up etc. The directory from which the command as to be run can be specified and the time frame for the operation can also be indicated.

The XML tag can be used with the andXML tag to specify the source or destination of the backup files.

This facility to create plugins for additional actions extends the scope of the backup options available to StoreGrid users and allows for configuration of a larger variety of backup schedules with greater granularity. No other cloud backup application offers this unique feature. It puts the user in greater control of the data.

About the Author: Anbarasan Tamilarasan is a Senior Product Manager of StoreGrid at Vembu Technologies, a leader in providing cost effective, hybrid (on-premise and cloud) data protection recovery solutions for ISPs, MSPs, VARs, Managed Hosting Providers and Educational Institutions. Vembu’s flagship product, StoreGrid, an award winning cloud solution has delivered tangible value to over 3,500 partners worldwide.

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