Nir Zahavi, Marketing Communications Manager at KineticD
April 08, 2013

KineticD Online Data Backup Expert Tips: Keeping Your Email Safe and Secure With Online Data Backup

No one can deny the level of convenience and efficiency that email has brought to our day-to-day communications. Indeed, of all of the important data that makes up our digital lifestyles, the information contained in our email accounts can often end up being some of the most vital to protect and maintain. After all, I think that most of us have had the experience of searching back into an email thread to find some vital bit of information that we desperately need. And, many businesses are now conducting the vast majority of their communications using almost nothing but email. For these reasons and more, making sure that all of your email correspondences are safely backed up and secure should be looked at as nothing more than a bare necessity.

Unfortunately, the list of threats that can bring about the loss of an email, or an entire email account for that matter, is quite a long one. From large-scale data loss disasters like hardware failure or theft to simple user error, emails can disappear at a moment’s notice. Important emails can easily be deleted by mistake while one is in the process of trying to get rid of unimportant emails or spam. Also, email accounts are, of course, quite often hacked, and while identity theft is usually the principal force motivating these cyber attacks, once hackers even temporarily gain control of your email account they can also delete all of your stored information as well if they so desire. And, as mentioned before, all of the common elements that potentially threaten the life of our electronic devices themselves, from natural disaster to computer viruses, can obviously pose a great danger to the safety of your email.

So, how does one go about protecting their email accounts from all of these potential threats? Well, fortunately there are numerous ways that email accounts can be backed up and protected. One such method is to make sure that all of your emails are downloaded and stored on your computer’s hard drive, and then to burn backups of these files to CDRs or DVDRs on a scheduled basis. While this method can undeniably be effective, many of us don’t necessarily have the time to constantly be conducing this tedious process day in and day out. Alternatively, one could choose to backup their emails to an external hard drive or flash drive, even employing the use of special software to render the process relatively hands-free and automatic. However, when considering these options it is important to keep in mind that all of these devices are still highly vulnerable to viruses, hardware malfunction, natural disaster and theft.

When it comes down to it, harnessing the services of an online data backup and cloud computing service provider is by far the most effective and easy way to guarantee that your company will never lose an important email. In fact, from the largest of business to the individual user, online data backup is hands down the most comprehensive solution available to protect all forms of essential digital information. This is primarily due to the fact that data that is backed up in the cloud is safely stored in a secure offsite location, so that you’ll know that your information is always protected against localized data-harming threats like theft and natural disasters. And, high-quality online data backup is usually fully automatic, and this “set it and forget it” nature guarantees that all data will be backed up and protected by eliminating the possibility of user error ever being able to get in the way of the backup process.

When it comes to business, having full access to your company’s emails at all times is often an utmost necessity if you want to be able to remain in business in the first place. In fact, many companies are now so reliant on email that even only temporarily losing access to the vital information contained in their email accounts can easily end up spelling disaster for the success of their business. For this reason, we here at KineticD have always made it a top priority to offer the highest quality backup services available for Microsoft Exchange, including mailbox-level, incremental, and full EDB-level backups that allow the companies that we serve to immediately backup and restore their entire Exchange database all at one time if need be. For more information on how KineticD can help you effectively secure your company’s email accounts, and to try our free 30-day trial, please stop by today!

About the author: Nir Zahavi is Marketing Communications Manager at KineticD, a Toronto based online data backup service provider.


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