The Importance of Multifaceted Data Backup Solutions

CEO Emil Isanov of Etech 7 announces free advice on three different kinds of backup solutions and their strengths and weaknesses.

New York, NY, April 10, 2013 — /BackupReview.info/ — When it comes to the importance, and necessity, of server data backup, many companies underestimate the advantages of multifaceted data backup strategies.

“It’s no secret these days that companies need solutions to backup their data,” Emil Isanov, CEO of Etech7 Inc, says. “But where the confusion comes in is when companies find themselves torn between the idea of using, say, online server backup solution, those that require a continuous network connection continuous network connection to function, versus offline, or offsite, backup solutions.”

The issue, as Isanov puts it, is that many seem to believe that the choice between backup solutions is binary: either companies use an automated, online, remote backup service (known colloquially as “the cloud”), or they keep their data stored via more traditional methods, such as physical hard drives, located either “onsite” (in the office) or “offsite”(out of the office).

“The fact is,” Mr. Isanov states, the entire idea behind backup revolves around preparing for unforeseen circumstances. Is online backup a good solution in the case of local data failures?

Certainly—it’s an instantaneous way to recover your data, and to recover it from almost any location in the world. But what if your company’s network goes out at the same time? Or, what if you need your data remotely and don’t have internet access?”

Online server backups, it seems, are not an all in one solution.

“But that’s not to say that onsite and offsite data backup methods are an all in one solution, either. In a best case scenario, a company has all three set up, as barriers that reinforce one another, so even in the event of total catastrophe, where your network, your local storage, and/or your backup company’s storage go out, you still have access to the data you need, right away, without skipping a beat.”

It’s for these reasons, Mr. Isanov states, that Etech7 provides all three options to companies as part of their comprehensive backup solutions plan – http://www.etech7.com/page/data-backup.html

About the Company:
ETech7 is a technology services leader offering managed IT services, IT outsourcing, backup and disaster recovery solution. Please visit ETech7.com or contact (212) 997-1202 for more information.

Emil Isanov

ETech 7 Inc.
30 West 47th St Suite 405a
New York, NY
USA, 10036

Source: ETech7

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