Nir Zahavi, Marketing Communications Manager at KineticD
April 22, 2013

KineticD Online Data Backup Expert Tips: Going Green With Online Data Backup

There’s no doubt about it; while there are many harmful elements that threaten our environment, the overriding cause for most of them lies in our increasingly expanding world population. Indeed, from global warming to the growing levels of harmful pollution being dumped into our waters, scientific evidence has proven that our sensitive ecosystem has been adversely affected by the way that mankind both consumes and discards un-eco-friendly materials. And, of course, the ever-expanding amounts of information that we consume and store is also part of this problem, with almost 80% of the data that currently exists having been created in the past few years alone!

While the paper-less nature of digital and cloud data storage is clear, many companies are still opting to store their information in hard copy form, which wastes paper. There are of course many different advantages to storing, managing and protecting data in the cloud, but the fact that it helps conserve paper can often be unfortunately overlooked by businesses. And, while the use of electronic devices to store information has obviously increased in recent years, paper consumption has continued to grow as well due to our ever-expanding population. In order to make one metric ton of paper 24 trees must be sacrificed, and the United States alone consumes over 71 million tons of paper a year! And, in many smaller, developing countries, mass forests are being decimated every day to meet their increasing energy needs.

When it comes to deforestation, the trees are certainly not the only victims. Infertile land, man-made flooding, loss of biodiversity, food shortages and, of course, global warming are just some of the ill effects that are plaguing our earth due to massive deforestation. And, while many point to recycling to get us out of this mess, the fact is that the benefits of recycling paper are extremely limited, with some arguing that the recycling of paper materials is actually worse for the environment! In order to recycle paper, toxic chemicals must be used to break down the paper and rid it of ink and other materials, and it’s a little known fact that paper can only be recycled a limited number of times, after which it must be disposed of in other ways, such as filling our bulging landfills or incineration, which are both also harmful to our environment.

The need for us to do everything in our power to conserve paper has never been more obvious, and online data management and cloud computing is one of many key steps that should be taken by both businesses and individuals alike to help save the environment. But, with online data backup and cloud computing having so many additional advantages for businesses, such as increased data security and easy mobile accessibility, why are some organizations still hesitant to transfer their IT needs to online data management specialists?

Well, one main factor that keeps businesses from harnessing the power of cloud computing is the inaccurate belief that paper documentation is more reliable and trustworthy than digital data storage. This, or course, is far from the case, with online data backup making it so that businesses can store secure, duplicate copies of all of their important digital information in the cloud, guaranteeing its safety and preservation. Automated online backup services not only take the stress out of keeping information backed up and protected, it is also the environmentally conscious choice to make as well. And, on a fundamental level, the practice of digital information storage itself helps us to conserve our precious natural resources.

The advantages are clear; beyond making information more flexible and secure for businesses, cloud backup technology also has the potential to help us protect our environment. And, when it comes to preserving our natural resources, we here at KineticD are proud to be part of the solution and not the problem. So, do your share; if you haven’t already, sign up for cloud IT services! And, for more information on our award-winning, state of the art online data backup and cloud computing services, please visit today!

About the author: Nir Zahavi is Marketing Communications Manager at KineticD, a Toronto based online data backup service provider.


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