By Ben Puzzuoli, Technical Sales Director at KineticD
May 10, 2013

KineticD Online Data Backup Expert Tips: How Cloud Backup is Improving Healthcare

Through the perpetual process of innovation, technology is constantly improving the quality of our lives in many ways. In fact, it is easy to quickly bring to mind numerous everyday examples in which technology has made our lives more convenient and efficient, such as email, smartphones and the Internet itself. However, it can be equally easy to forget that digital technology is also bringing about the improvement of the services provided by the organizations that are in charge of keeping us healthy, happy and alive in the first place. Indeed, the ins and outs of the healthcare industry are being revolutionized by our new, more mobile digital technology, with online data backup and cloud computing being on the cutting edge of these improvements.

By storing and backing up patient data in the cloud, an increasing number of healthcare organizations are making this data much more readily accessible to the physicians that need it, which is serving to save vital time for both doctors and patients alike. Thankfully disappearing are the days in which hospitals had to delay appointments while important medical records were sent through the mail, with more and more people now simply expecting that when they visit their doctor’s office their medical case history and other pertinent information will be right in front of their physician with no delays at all.

But less time spent in the waiting room and the eliminating of annoying medical paperwork transfer delays are just the start of the advantages that cloud data is bringing to the medical industry. After all, the ability for physicians to act quickly and efficiently means that the quality of the healthcare that we are receiving in general can be far more precise and timely. In an emergency, the ability to access patient case histories as quickly as possible is obviously of the utmost importance. If an unconscious patient is brought into the emergency room of a hospital different than their own, vital time can potentially be wasted as doctors and nurses check for blood type and other details that have already been previously documented. By contrast, with cloud data technology, all of the relevant medical information that has been collected on us can be ready to utilize at a moment’s notice.

While medical offices have always done their best to protect the documents of their patients, unforeseen circumstances like natural disaster, theft and, in our increasingly digital era, hardware failure and computer viruses, can all easily render this information corrupted or entirely unavailable. And, simple human error in the form of mislabeled, misfiled or accidentally deleted patient documentation can also lead to the loss of important medical information as well. Luckily, by storing their medial records online, a steadily increasing number of healthcare organizations are being able to eliminate all of these data loss dangers entirely.

Unlike conventional, onsite data backups, cloud backups are stored at a remote location, making them effectively impervious to the aforementioned dangers of fire, natural disaster and physical theft. In addition to this, the element of human error is also overcome through cloud data storage technology, with most high-quality cloud vendors utilizing hands-free data backup techniques in which backups are performed automatically to any file that is altered or saved anew. And finally, cloud backups are almost always encrypted as well, ensuring that this highly confidential information will never be able to fall into the wrong hands.

The bottom line is that cloud data is bringing about higher levels of security and accessibility to digital information of all kinds, and nowhere is this more important than when it plays a key roll in keeping us healthy, not to mention when it can help to save someone’s life. We here at KineticD know all too well how important data can be, and for this reason we are proud to have been in the online data backup industry for over 10 years now, all the while having never lost a single one of our clients’ important files. We leverage only the most advanced cloud technologies available, including our uncrackable 448-bit Blowfish encryption and our patented Continuous Protection technology. Please stop by our website today to learn more about how KineticD can help your organization never have to worry about losing a file again!

About the author: Ben Puzzuoli is Technical Sales Director at KineticD, a Toronto based online data backup service provider.


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