The Necessity Of Backup In An Evolving Marketplace

Etech 7 CEO Emil Isanov reveals his company’s trade secrets on successful data management

New York, NY – May 09, 2013 — / — As any experienced businessman knows, running a business is often a risky venture. In the world of capitalism, many things remain uncertain: the number of future clients, supply meeting demand, demand meeting supply, and market share, to name only a handful. It would seem, then, that a successful business strategy involves avoiding risk whenever possible, so as to help guarantee as many successes for the company as are feasible. Yet, if such is the case, why then do companies take so many risks when it comes to their valuable electronic business data? Emil Isanov, CEO of Etech 7, may just have the answer.

“A lot of the confusion with backup” Mr. Isanov says “comes as a result of poor phrasing. When we discuss with a client their options in terms of backing up their business server data, we don’t mean to imply that backup is optional. In a world where electronic records of company data are more valuable than ever, and are in fact necessary in nearly all cases for tax purposes as well as for records purposes in regards to employee and supervisor liability, to say that backups are necessary is a vast understatement, and should be assumed by everyone in the business world. The most apt metaphor is that of a store owner locking up their store at night: it might not be necessary for the store’s goods to be protected—after all the odds that someone is going to try to break in are slim—but if the store owner doesn’t bother to lock up their goods, and one night everything in the store is stolen, then in one fell swoop the owner has lost his source of income, potential new customers, and respect by other business owners.”

The case of backup, Mr. Isanov says, is exactly the same.

“When it comes to backup, the idea that we have to convince our clients to employ it is in many ways astounding. After all, a number of things could happen to their data; it could be stolen by malicious hackers, the software could crash and erase it, the hardware could fail and erase it—for that matter, an employee could simply make an error and irreparably damage a company’s data. If any of those things happened, what then? Could a company CEO honestly save face and tell his investors that he or she is sorry because they only had one copy of all their company records kept in one location?”

This is why, Mr. Isanov says, the employment of an automated online server backup service is absolutely necessary. “Even in companies that already make a practice of backing up their data, human error can factor in, and people can forget to run the backup software. But with Etech 7, a company can request to have software installed that creates remote backups to eliminate any uncertainty in the security of a business’ data.”

About the Company:
ETech 7 is a technology services leader offering managed IT services, IT outsourcing, backup and disaster recovery solution. Please visit or contact (212) 997-1202 for more information.

Emil Isanov

ETech 7 Inc.
30 West 47th St Suite 405a
New York, NY
USA, 10036

Source: ETech7


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