By Sajesh Krishnadas, Business Analyst – Product Management at Vembu Technologies
May 24, 2013

Vembu Online Data Backup Expert Tips: The 3 Essential Reasons to Choose SyncBlaze over Dropbox for Business

They started as Dropbox, expanded to Dropbox for Teams and now rebranded as Dropbox for Business. Are we going to see Dropbox for Enterprise too? I don’t deny the fact that Dropbox is the most widely used file sharing product among consumers because it is simple and easy-to-use to manage personal data. When it comes to businesses, it’s a totally different story as they deal with sensitive information and can’t rely on services that will put their business at risk with data breaches and downtime.

dropbox vs vembu syncblaze

Let’s take a look at the top reasons to choose SyncBlaze over Dropbox for Business and how Managed Service Providers and Value Added Resellers can provide a secure alternative to their business customers.

Reason #1 – Business DNA

It has always been within us. When we had the idea of SyncBlaze, we just had businesses and business users in mind (not to forget Managed Service Providers and Value Added Resellers). Right from the ground up, each module and features were tailored and developed to serve the needs of businesses and not just consumers. The basic idea was to serve the end users with the ease-of-use and flexibility and help the IT to manage and provide a secure file sharing service to their employees.

Some of the key business features include Multi-tenant architecture with centralized administration capabilities, Active Directory based LDAP integration and more.

Reason #2 – Deployment Flexibility

With SyncBlaze, you can either opt to Host-it-Yourself in your own environment, at your customer premises or choose to Use our Cloud. We wanted to provide the flexibility to you (MSPs/VARs) and your customers to decide where the data needs to reside, after all, it’s your data.

Reason #3 – Permission based Collaboration

Considering the business world in real time, employees will always look for an effective way to collaborate with their co-workers and team. With SyncBlaze, the users can assign the right level of permission while collaborating on their projects and also track the modifications (along with the user name and device information) made on any file using the file version control.

Apart from the above top reasons, there are few more still left to be listed:

Client-side Encryption

The files added to SyncBlaze will be compressed and encrypted before being uploaded to the server, that is, SyncBlaze does client-side encryption so the files will be encrypted during both data-at-rest and data-in-flight. It uses 448-bit military-grade encryption standard.

Unique Pricing Model

The pricing is SyncBlaze is unique and competitive as we use Pay-as-you-go model. The on-premise edition is based on the number of users being created in SyncBlaze and the cloud edition is purely based on the storage being utilized. Contact us to know the pricing model in detail.

Content Aggregation

One of my earlier post quoted about Dropbox’s plan to focus on content rather than just file sharing. SyncBlaze on the other hand was designed to serve business users to manage all their online content in one single platform. It provides the ability to manage multiple other content from multiple sources such as Files, Bookmarks, Notes, RSS Feed, Google Apps and lots more.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and get started with your preferred edition today!

Vembu SyncBlaze Download

About the Author: Sajesh Krishnadas, Business Analyst – Product Management for SyncBlaze, Vembu Technologies. SyncBlaze is a comprehensive file sharing and collaboration solution designed for business users and exclusively offered through Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Value Added Resellers (VARs).

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