* Unlimited automatic backups for single or multiple files
* Unlimited number of protected devices at no additional cost
* Compatible with a breadth of Windows applications and OS including Windows 8 and Server 2012
* Customers benefit from pay monthly billing

Gloucester, UK – June 5, 2013 — / — Fasthosts Internet, a leading web hosting provider, today announced the launch of their improved Online Backup solution. Available from £10.00 per month, and with a free 30 day trial, the new changes mean business owners can now benefit from multiple use and ease of data access. Compatible with a span of Windows applications and desktop/server Operating Systems, IT Managers can now install the one-stop solution to an unlimited number of devices. The Online Backup service allows you to save large encryptions of data but virtually through a flexible cloud infrastructure model, saving businesses time, money and resources. The new solution now boasts unlimited automatic backups, for an unlimited number of Windows devices – from servers to laptops, on a pay monthly option, meaning higher security but at more cost effective prices. In addition, improved restoration features mean saved data files can now be downloaded to any Windows device at any time – a feature only offered by Fasthosts, providing added flexibility and peace of mind to customers should a disaster occur.

Fasthosts Online Backup service fulfils an important requirement for all businesses in protecting valuable business data and files from loss or corruption. A common deterrent for businesses looking to protect their data can be the required investment in hardware. Fasthosts’ solution resolves this by using a highly scalable ‘cloud-based’ model to deliver fast and highly secure back-up on demand, which works alongside their existing on-premise infrastructure. Furthermore, a highly intuitive user interface helps business users to integrate data protection measures easily into their workflows.

Designed to provide protection for valuable business data, the back-up service can automatically back-up up to a massive 1Terabyte of data, transferring it via SSL and storing it, encrypted, within Fasthosts’ secure state-of-the-art data centre. Storage capacity is selected according to requirements and can be increased instantly from 10 Gigabytes to 1TB. The user is not limited to specific hardware for utilising the service and can up or downscale at any time and therefore only pays for their required usage. Users can now also take advantage of pay monthly schemes, assessing their storage requirements on a daily basis.

Fasthosts Online Backup uses software to analyse files marked for back-up so only incremental changes are uploaded. All data back-ups are uploaded over SSL to provide a secure transmission. By sending only changes to files, the amount of data transfer is significantly reduced meaning lower ADSL bandwidth usage costs and time is saved. The service is ideal for small and medium sized businesses that require secure, external protection of valuable data in a highly flexible and cost effective format. ‘Cloud-based’ services, such as Fasthosts Online Backup, enable businesses to access their data from any Internet enabled computer, whilst always ensuring that data is stored and transferred with superior protection against any electronic or physical risks.

Unlimited, scheduled automatic back-ups will upload changes and new file versions on a regular basis and so provide continuous protection. Better protection for business critical data means that business continuity can be enhanced. The system is designed to be highly efficient – users can restore multiple or individual files, as well as retrieve historical versions of files, to any device. All data is stored within the company’s state-of-the-art UK data centres, where all operations are protected against compromise by hardware, power or network failures or site access.

Fasthosts’ service works with desktop computers, laptops, dedicated or virtual servers, and so compliments both on-premise and hosted solutions already in place. Full disk imaging options and the ability to restore from any internet-connected computer enables the user to regain their data swiftly and easily. The solution supports Windows operating systems, SQL and Exchange back-ups and has minimal system requirements. The dynamic nature of the solution means a small business or individual can benefit from the full set of system features whilst paying for a modest data quota, and gradually increase their capacity as and when it is needed.

Claire Lewis, Marketing Director, Fasthosts Internet Ltd., said “As the technology provider of businesses large and small, our primary objective is to provide the online services businesses need to maintain their IT infrastructure, providing flexibility for our customers and really understanding their technological business needs. The upgrade of our Online Backup solution means just this for our customers, and more specifically our Windows customers. Our online backup service can protect any business and user; from the significant disruption and financial loss that can occur should the worse happen to their on-premise hardware. Faster transfer and automatic scheduling for back-ups now makes data protection effortless. The ability to restore to any windows device gives our customers more flexibility to manage their own data. Businesses of all sizes are now able to see that cloud-based services can lead them to become more dynamic and resilient”.

Fasthosts offers a comprehensive range of web solutions including domain name registrations, email solutions (including mobile email services), shared web hosting, virtual servers, dedicated servers, secure online storage, online payment services, reseller web hosting and feature-rich broadband packages. Fasthosts is well placed to deliver a high quality service to businesses.

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