By Vidhya Natarajan, Senior Associate, Product Marketing at Vembu Technologies
June 28, 2013

Vembu Online Data Backup Expert Tips: Vembu Online Data Backup Expert Tips: On Spotlight – StoreGrid’s Optimized Data Protection for VMware Backups

With a few weeks left for the milestone StoreGrid 4.4 release, this is the perfect time to introduce the major features and have a deeper look into we have lined up in this release. One of the major feature is the enhancement in StoreGrid’s virtualization portfolio especially for VMware backups, which has been already well received by partners in it’s beta version and has aroused quite a lot of interest among the IT service provider community in the industrial events that we have been attending! Check out the beta version.

Fig. 1

VMware Backups will be implemented using  vStorage APIs and VDDK based backups and restore. The major highlight of this implementation is the massive performance improvement for backups as well as incrementals, which will be on par with other leading vendors in the VMware Backup marketplace. The CBT incrementals will speed up with only block level changes getting backed up. What took nearly 2 ½ hours for an incremental will be done in just 4 MINUTES flat! And needless to say that there will be huge savings – of resources and bandwidth.

A major enhancement in the VMware capability will be the ability to directly restore a virtual machine to an ESX server. Additionally, you will have the option to choose the name of the VM to be created at the ESX server and also the datastore in the target ESX  server.

Fig. 2

Another key highlight in the VMware environment is the FLR(File Level Restore) from VMware backups where you could selectively choose to restore any individual file from the Guest Oses and from any timestamp with just a few clicks.

Fig. 3

Additionally, the advanced VMware enhancement will also feature the capability to schedule incrementals for migrated VM backups to a different ESX server within vCenter for any possible hierarchy.

A virtual client agent especially for VMware environments will also be available. Using the virtual client, you can backup VMware ESX(i) servers from StoreGrid Backup server itself. You won’t require to deploy separate client machines to configure VMware backups.

Fig. 4

Stay tuned for more on StoreGrid 4.4 features…. While you wait for the official release of StoreGrid 4.4, Check out the beta from here 4.4 Beta

About the Author: Vidhya Natarajan is a Senior Associate, Product Marketing at Vembu Technologies, a leader in providing cost effective, hybrid (on-premise and cloud) data protection and business focused online backup and disaster recovery solutions for ISPs, MSPs, VARs, Managed Hosting Providers and Educational Institutions. Vembu’s flagship product, StoreGrid, an award winning cloud solution has delivered tangible value to over 3,500 partners worldwide.


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