Nir Zahavi, Marketing Communications Manager at KineticD
July 15, 2013

KineticD Online Data Backup Expert Tips: Protecting Your Business’s Netbook Data with Cloud Services

While originally the easy accessing of internet applications was often seen as the primary function of netbooks, their importance has now gone far beyond sheer connectivity.  In fact, as netbooks have continued to increase in popularity over the recent years, they have proven themselves to often be able to compete with full-sized laptops when it comes a wide variety of digital applications.  And, due to their relatively smaller data storage capacities, netbooks are quickly becoming increasingly cloud-oriented, with many netbook manufacturers now offering cloud computing services exclusively designed for netbooks, allowing those that use these devices to collaborate, share information and keep their data backed up and protected much easier than ever before.

Of course, one of the main areas in which the efficiency and increased portability of netbooks is being harnessed is the progressively mobile world of business.  Across the globe, companies of all sizes are using netbooks to equip their workforce with the ability to easily access files remotely, and are protecting all of the information that is stored on these devices through the use of online data backup.  Rather than having to invest in more hardware to keep up with their expanding data storage and backup needs, these businesses are able to save money by taking advantage of subscription-based, highly-scalable cloud data services.  And, with the increasingly portable and efficient nature of netbooks, these businesses are also seeing a growth in their overall data mobility as well.

However, as a result of this improved mobility, more and more businesses are ending up storing important, mission critical data on their employees’ netbooks.  And, since these devices are more likely to be moved from place to place more often, they are unfortunately also more liable to be stolen, misplaced or damaged as a result, rendering the data that is stored on netbooks to be at an increased risk of being lost if not backed up correctly.  Of course, taking certain basic security steps, such as making sure that all portable company computers are password protected, can ensure that data that is being stored on these devices cannot fall into the wrong hands.  However, when it comes to protecting against data loss overall, online data backup is by far the most effective and efficient method available to ensure that your company’s data will always remain safe, secure and accessible at all times.

Netbooks are, after all, usually far less expensive than laptops, so replacing one of these devices in the event that they are lost or damaged poses a much lesser financial burden than having to repurchase a more expensive computer.  However, what cannot be as easily replaced is the data that is being stored on these devices.  Luckily, by taking advantage of cloud backup services, if a netbook is lost, stolen or damaged, users can simply replace the netbook in question, hook the new device up to the Internet and quickly reclaim all of their lost files with ease.  And, when it comes data security, it is important to remember that data that is backed up to local hard drives can often be easily accessed by anyone, while retrieving information that is stored in the cloud usually requires rigorous, individualized authentication.

Of course, data security is definitely not the only advantage that cloud services are delivering to businesses that use netbooks.  After all, any and all data that is backed up in the cloud is transformed into data that is then easily accessible from any location that has access to the Internet.  Indeed, through the use of cloud services, netbook users can upload any project that they might be working on from any location and have it instantly accessible to anyone with which they wish to share this information.  This increased mobility is allowing businesses to both more effortlessly harness the resources of specialized workers that are located in remote locations, and also to more efficiently collaborate with other business entities worldwide as well.

All of this is not to say that netbooks are without their disadvantages.  They are, after all, usually far more limited than full-sized laptops when it comes to processing power and data storage capacity.  Add to this their simplified design that usually lacks an optical drive, and has a smaller, more difficult-to-use keyboard, and it is easy to understand why many people still wish to carry around their full-fledged laptops instead.  However, the bottom line is that while netbooks do lack in some areas, their smaller size and cheaper price tag are making them more appealing to both businesses and individuals alike, and by harnessing the power of cloud computing, these machines can often end up being just as useful and effective as laptops.

We here at KineticD are well aware of all of the advantages that cloud data storage can bring to mobile digital devices of all kinds, and we also know that nowhere is remote data accessibility more important than in the increasingly mobile world of business.  With over 10 years experience in the online data backup and cloud computing industry, our 100% data recovery track record, uncrackable 448-bit Blowfish data encryption and unbeatable customer support, we think that you’ll like what KineticD can do for your company’s online data backup and remote data accessibility needs.  For more information on what the KineticD Advantage is all about, please visit our website today!

About the author: Nir Zahavi is Marketing Communications Manager at KineticD, a Toronto based online data backup service provider.


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