By Ben Puzzuoli, Technical Sales Director at KineticD
September 06, 2013

KineticD Online Data Backup Expert Tips: Keeping Cloud IT Expenses Under Control

There is no questioning the fact that online data backup and cloud computing are rapidly changing the way in which IT budgeting is handled by businesses. Indeed, with the business world’s increasing reliance on cloud technologies, thankfully gone are the days when companies had to always physically implement and fully manage all of their IT concerns in-house, and this radical shift in IT infrastructure has lead to a whole host of new and exiting advantages for businesses, not the least of which are more efficient and easy methods for IT budgeting.

However, regardless of this fact, there can still be challenges when it comes to managing cloud expenses if the right steps are not taken. So, how exactly does a business go about making sure that their cloud IT expenses are kept under control?

Well, first and foremost, it is fundamental that businesses realize what type of cost structure is going to be the most beneficial for their particular type of enterprise. Many larger companies, for example, can afford to take advantage of more specialized cloud IT services, such as private clouds, and these services are often less flexible when it comes to expanding their capability in an ongoing, scalable way. Thus, these larger businesses more often end up utilizing the more traditional, investment-based IT pricing structures.

On the other hand, with more and more small and medium-sized businesses taking advantage of cloud services that utilize the less expensive and more flexible public cloud systems, scalable pricing structures are becoming more readily available, which are quite often the most cost-effective choice for smaller, developing businesses. Luckily, there are an increasing number of cloud vendors nowadays that are offering their services using these scalable, utility-based pricing systems, and for most small to medium-sized businesses this is indeed the best route to go in order to always be sure that they are never paying for any levels of cloud IT infrastructure that they don’t actually require at any given time. Under this system, the key to keeping cloud costs under control is for businesses to be vigilant in keeping their digital information as free as possible of any unnecessary or duplicate data sets.

In addition, in order to get most bang for their cloud IT buck, businesses must become more budget-conscious overall with how they manage their data. Whereas with traditional, in-house IT the increases in cost were more dramatic and obvious as new physical IT resources were purchased and installed, cloud IT budget increases are far more granular, and so the fluctuations in cost are easier to lose track of if businesses are not vigilant with their data management techniques. Since the slightest increase in IT resources can immediately result in a slightly higher monthly charge, the price of increasing the amount of IT infrastructure must be more frequently weighed against how much the additional cloud expenses are going to cost as a result.

Of course, with KineticD, managing cloud expenses simply couldn’t be easier! After all, we know that cost-effectiveness is key when it comes to cloud IT, and that’s why we pride ourselves on helping all of the businesses that we serve obtain the most scalable and cost-effective cloud IT resources available on the market today. KineticD’s state of the art data compression keeps costs down, while our de-duplication technology allows our clients to rest assured that they are never paying too much for cloud IT due to any duplicate files. And, we always keep our clients as well-informed as possible about their data usage amounts by sending out special alerts whenever data use increases so that businesses can always easily stay on top of managing their cloud expenses.

To learn more about how KineticD can help your business most efficiently harness the power of online data backup and cloud IT, please visit our website today!

About the author: Ben Puzzuoli is Technical Sales Director at KineticD, a Toronto based online data backup service provider.


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