Nir Zahavi, Marketing Communications Manager at KineticD
September 16, 2013

KineticD Online Data Backup Expert Tips: The Importance of File Versioning

Normally, when a digital file is altered, the only way to be able to go back and retrieve an earlier version of that file is to have previously saved it under a different name. While working on projects there are often many versions of files that are not saved, so it can be easy to lose a previous variation of a file if one is not careful to consistently save new versions. The process of constantly saving files can often become quite cumbersome and, of course, easy to forget to consistently perform in the first place as well. Some companies, in an effort to get around this problem, create their own automatic file versioning systems, but these can often bring about even more problems, with different workgroups potentially using their own versioning systems that unfortunately only they can understand.

However, by taking advantage of online data backup and cloud IT services, businesses are often able to have access to versioning systems that can help protect all of their employees’ files using one, all-encompassing solution. These file versioning systems employ a standardized identification method so that all of the workers across the organization can easily understand the file-naming system, cutting down on confusion and increasing overall efficiency as well. And, since high-quality cloud vendors often employ the use of data de-duplication, which basically (as its name implies) works to eliminate duplicate files in order to increase the efficiency of file storage and transfers, this thankfully also eliminates the potential problem of the unnecessary versioning of identical files.

The file versioning systems employed by cloud vendors usually utilize a simple numbering system to temporarily save versions of files that are in the process of being edited. It is, of course, rather logical that a process such as this would be controlled by an online data backup service provider, as modern-day cloud backup services are often continuous and automatic in nature anyway. And, even if backups aren’t incremental, but rather all performed at a specific time, effective file versioning can still take place then as well, with new versions of files that are being backed up getting compared to older ones, and these older versions then also being saved automatically rather than simply being replaced by the newer versions right away.

Indeed, file versioning is an amazing process that can become extremely crucial when important files are accidentally saved incorrectly. When this does take place, file versioning can allow businesses to virtually “go back in time” to retrieve the previous versions of files that have been automatically saved by the cloud IT provider and, if orchestrated correctly, all of this can be done without taking up excess data storage space. For organizations that regularly create new documents from standard templates, file versioning can be particularly efficient and valuable. And, on top of all of this, file versioning saves businesses time as well, as their employees can spend less time worrying about constantly having to manually save new versions of the files that they are in the process of editing.

Of course, having been in the online data backup business for over a decade now, we here at KineticD understand how easy it is to accidentally copy over an important file, or to change one’s mind in the middle of a project and simply need to recover a previous version that accidentally wasn’t saved at all. With our KineticCloud suite of cloud IT services, previous versions of all of your company’s important documents are continuously and automatically backed up to our servers for quick and easy access whenever the need may arise. In fact, we are now proud to be able to allow our clients to access up to 32 previous versions of their files with only a few clicks! To find out more about how KineticD can maximize the data security of your business, please stop by our website today!

About the author: Nir Zahavi is Marketing Communications Manager at KineticD, a Toronto based online data backup service provider.


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