Efficiently move historical data from Teradata Tape Archive to Rainstor for analytic and regulatory purposes, lower data management costs and avoid any data retention on tape.

San Francisco, CA, September 17, 2013 — / — RainStor, provider of world’s most efficient enterprise database for managing and analyzing all historical data, announces RainStor FastForward™, a brand new product that enables customers to re-instate data from Teradata tape archives (also known as BAR) and move it to RainStor for fast, flexible query. The company also releases the latest version of RainStor FastConnect™, which enables bi-directional data movement between Teradata Database (version 14 and below) and RainStor. The latest version is now available to customers. RainStor is designed for massive scale, runs on the lowest-cost hardware including native on Hadoop, provides the broadest range of query options including standard SQL, Pig, Hive and MapReduce, and reduces storage footprints by up to 97% through its patented compression technology.

RainStor is a complementary database solution to Teradata, the market leader for enterprise data warehousing, built for complex analytics. The new RainStor FastForward product resolves an onerous challenge for Teradata customers that need to frequently archive data to offline tape, largely driven by data space factors. With support for only two versions of backward compatibility, the historical data remains on tape archives, making it difficult to access and query when business and regulatory users require.

Using RainStor FastConnect, users can offload older, historical data for ongoing data retention at a lower cost, essentially creating an active data archive. Customers have a choice when deploying RainStor: on-premise, in the cloud or natively on Hadoop Distributed File Systems (HDFS), which provides ease of scale and tremendous flexibility for query access. The FastConnect module is simple to use with most settings configured out-of-the-box. It is also engineered to be light on Teradata resources, requiring minimal CPU and I/O on the Teradata system.

“The RainStor solution helps our customers tame the data beast, including traditional historical data and massive volumes of big data,” said Chris Twogood, vice president, Product Marketing, Teradata. “The RainStor solution is integrated and supports the Teradata Unified Data Architecture, providing the ability to retain an online archive where the data is immediately available to users. Our customers now have the option to archive their data at at very high compression rates and they don’t have to transfer it to tape drives or throw it away.”

FastForward reads ARCMAIN file format, the typical utility for Teradata customers, for Teradata versions V2R4, V2R5, V2R6, TD12 and TD13. This allows customers to rapidly access multiple years of historical data previously on tape. FastForward also allows significant time and resource savings since companies can re-instate data directly into RainStor without the need to run it through the Teradata system. Once in RainStor, companies can use FastConnect to push data into Teradata for deeper analytics, as business users demand.

“RainStor’s products for Teradata customers really help to economically manage exploding data volumes with an efficient way to offload the history for both analytics and compliance needs,” said Mark Cusack, chief architect at RainStor. “Additionally, by accessing years of data from tape archives using FastForward, the business now has peace of mind for ongoing data governance and regulatory requirements, while bringing more comprehensive data sets to business analysts. We believe this is a win-win.”

About RainStor
RainStor ( provides the world’s most efficient database that reduces the cost, complexity and compliance risk of managing enterprise data. RainStor’s patented technology enables customers to cut infrastructure costs by 90%. RainStor scales anywhere; on-premise or in the cloud and natively on Hadoop. Among RainStor’s customers are 20 of the world’s largest communications providers and 10 of the biggest banks and financial services organizations, that use RainStor to manage historical data, while saving millions.

Kevin Wolf – TGPR for RainStor

Source: RainStor

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