By Ben Puzzuoli, Technical Sales Director at KineticD
September 20, 2013

KineticD Online Data Backup Expert Tips: The Importance of Establishing Solid Service-Level Agreements in the Cloud

When it comes to delivering quality cloud services, the establishing of a service-level agreement, or “SLA”, is an extremely crucial element indeed. SLA’s not only help IT executives to more easily understand exactly what they should expect from the cloud vendor that they are looking to sign up with, but they of course also make it clear to the cloud vendors themselves exactly what they are supposed to be delivering to their clients in the first place. While the creation and accurate understanding of a detailed SLA can sometimes end up being a somewhat complicated and cumbersome process, the standards that it seeks to establish are essential if both the service provider and the client wish to be satisfied with the business arrangement that they are trying to bring about.

When looking to get the most information out of the SLA being provided by a cloud vendor, the first step is to become as informed as possible as to the overall level of services that the cloud provider is claiming that they can deliver in the first place. By doing this, businesses can both become more knowledgeable overall about what to look for when reading the SLA, and also be in a better position to hold the cloud vendor responsible in the event that any of the services that they claim they are going to deliver happen to be missing from the SLA. In this regard, it is also advisable that companies do some research on the side in order to have a clear and realistic understanding of the history of the cloud vendor in question as well.

Of course, when creating their service-level agreements, cloud vendors must thoroughly assess what they can actually provide for their potential clients. In addition, cloud vendors need to become knowledgeable about what their potential customers’ needs and concerns are when creating their SLA’s and, of course, when configuring their services themselves as well. Furthermore, both parties involved should seek to establish firm ground rules for what their working relationship is going to be, and the SLA is crucial in clarifying and solidifying this foundation. And this groundwork is indeed highly fundamental, with its absence potentially resulting in the breakdown of the agreement itself in the event that both parties start disagreeing about what the other is supposed to be doing or should be expecting.

Overall, an effective SLA should very clearly and thoroughly establish what the requirements and responsibilities are for both the service provider and the client and, needless to say, this is extremely important when it comes to harnessing the services of an online data backup and cloud computing service provider. After all, most cloud vendors provide a wide variety of different combinations of cloud IT services, so without the existence of an accurate and clear SLA, cloud clients may end up with unrealistic expectations as to what type of cloud services they are signing up for in the first place. For this reason it is of the utmost importance that cloud vendors draft SLA’s that are specifically tailored for each different client’s set of services.

Customers of cloud vendors need to have an accurate understanding of how much information they are going to be able to backup in the cloud. Furthermore, they must understand both how these services are going to work, and how they are going to impact the rest of their IT resources as well. Cloud vendors must also make it clear in their SLA’s the exact security measures that they will be implementing on their potential client’s digital information so that these clients can be as informed as possible as to just how safe these services will be for their company to use. And finally, effective SLA’s must very clearly and accurately explain exactly what their services will cost, how they will be charging for these services, and how much these charges will be increased in the event that higher levels of cloud services become necessary for their client in the future.

Of course, with over 10 years in the online data backup and cloud computing industry, we here at KineticD know that no two business’s needs are ever alike. For this reason we always make it a top priority to customize our cloud services to fit perfectly with the all of the various cloud IT requirements of our customers. We always make sure that the services that we provide are thoroughly explained to our clients, and of course put in writing in the most detailed and clear way possible in our service-level agreements as well. With our unbeatable customer service, state of the art cloud tools and 100 percent data recovery track record, we think that you’ll like what KineticD can do for your business’s online data backup and cloud computing needs. To learn more about the KineticD Advantage, please visit our website today!

About the author: Ben Puzzuoli is Technical Sales Director at KineticD, a Toronto based online data backup service provider.


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