Major New Release Delivers Multi-Region Remote Replication, High Performance Snapshots With Clones, Thin Volumes, And SSD Caching

Irvine, CA – Oct. 23, 2013 — / — ZadaraTM Storage, Inc., provider of enterprise-class private cloud storage by the hour, today unveiled a major release of its Virtual Private Storage ArrayTM (VPSATM) service that makes enterprise-grade unified SAN and NAS cloud storage a reality. The VPSA Enterprise Suite is a significant platform upgrade that adds data center-grade SAN and NAS features that were previously unavailable in the cloud and that are already deployed by Zadara users today.

Backed by the new features, Zadara, through its innovative colocation arrangement in partnership with the world’s leading service providers such as AWS, Equinix and Dimension Data, now becomes the first storage company to support Tier 1 primary storage for low latency, high IOPS applications such as databases and CRM in the cloud on dedicated drives, using virtual controllers and separated networking. These features are affordably purchased and deployed by the hour, as a private or hybrid cloud, dedicated colocation solution, or service provider offering.

As organizational executives seek cloud economics without the downsides of either cloud storage (lack of QoS and granular control) or traditional enterprise storage (high cost and inflexibility), Zadara’s new VPSA Enterprise Suite allows organizations to have it all, without compromise. Using Zadara, organizations now can achieve both cloud scale and cloud economics, with the high availability, clustering, privacy, predictability and control they expect from on-premise traditional hardware purchases.

“This is as revolutionary as it gets with enterprise storage,” said Bernie Velivis, Cloud Infrastructure and Services Manager at Roadnet Technologies, a provider of vehicle routing and scheduling software based in Towson MD, and a Zadara customer that has been using the new VPSA Enterprise Suite. “Typically I/O is the bottleneck with cloud storage but with Zadara we achieved our demanding I/O goals and avoided the 1TB volume limit of major cloud storage solutions. Thanks to the VPSA Enterprise Suite we provisioned a far more elegant file storage deployment with dedicated drives and a powerful, dedicated management interface as well. The solution provides for file sharing across multiple servers providing a highly available and scalable cloud solution. We got up and running fast and have guaranteed throughput thanks to multi-tenancy done right: we have found no one else who can support NFS at this scale. The performance is rock solid and lets us assemble the building blocks for our specific needs, on an as-a-service basis, so that we can scale both capacity and performance up or down as requirements change.”

Zadara’s VPSA Enterprise Suite adds support for features formerly only available from costly, dedicated, on-premise hardware including low-impact snapshots with read/write clones, SSD read/write cache, thin provisioning and remote asynchronous replication. With these features, storage administrators enjoy a much higher degree of granular control with a wider range of high-availability, low-latency applications with greater elasticity:

  • Expansive data protection options including snapshots, clones and remote mirrors for enhanced business continuity
  • Low-impact snapshots for quick and easy data protection and recovery
  • Customized snapshot creation policies, allowing users to create data protection policies tailored to their specific business requirements
  • Remote mirroring for disaster recovery and multi-geography collaboration
  • Repository Storage with screaming performance, for those Big Data and Media needs that fall in the middle ground between primary active and archival storage, using Zadara’s large repository drives colocated at AWS data centers around the world

Through its global footprint – the company’s Storage as a Service offering is available in AWS US East and US West, AWS Japan and AWS Europe, as well as at Equinix and Dimension Data Cloud (formerly OpSource) data centers in the US – Zadara allows customers to assemble their ideal storage configuration like building blocks. IT managers choose the drives and controllers they need, and provision and change them online in minutes – managing them from a private management console.

“First it was the server business, then it was networking, and now the staid world of data storage is being shaken up with dramatically better paradigms driven by the cloud,” said Ben Woo, longtime storage industry analyst and principal at Neuralytix. “Zadara’s offering addresses a corner of the market for primary storage in the cloud that no one else has touched to date, with As a Service features that make anyone who knows storage do a double-take. This is definitely a company to watch.”

“For years cloud storage was relegated to backup or archive, with the prevailing opinion that high-IOPS, mission-critical applications had to stay on costly, on-premise hardware or necessitated a rewrite in order to run in the cloud, which obviated any time- and cost-savings,” said Nelson Nahum, CEO of Zadara Storage. “With the debut of the VPSA Enterprise Suite, organizations can achieve the same data center-grade reliability, performance and control yet access the tremendous advantages of cloud cost and flexibility. We removed compromise from the equation by offering the single-tenant experience customers want at the multi-tenant price they need.”

About Zadara Storage
Zadara Storage is a pioneer provider of enterprise-class high-performance, high-availability and scalable cloud storage delivered as a cost-effective pay-as-you-go service.

Powered by patent-pending Virtual Private Storage Arrays (VPSAs), Zadara uniquely places SAN and NAS technology in the cloud, enabling the advanced capabilities of single-tenant on-premise data center storage coupled with an innovative Quality of Service IT environment that meets the most stringent Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

The company provides the flexibility of on-premise private, hybrid or public cloud storage for SMBs and large Enterprises while addressing the infrastructure needs of any data type and any application.

Zadara offers storage on demand through a wide range of worldwide public cloud and colocation providers, including a value-added strategic partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS). For more information visit

A3 Communications
UK: Federica Monsone
+44 (0) 1252 875 203
US: Mary Kae Marinac

Source: Zadara Storage


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