As the Foundation for Datatility’s Multi-functional Public Cloud, Cleversafe’s Object Storage Solution Delivers 3x to 5x Cost Savings Over Traditional Storage

CHICAGO, IL – October 30, 2013 — / — Cleversafe, Inc., the solution for limitless data storage, today announced a new partnership with Datatility, a leading provider of data center services including essential solutions for data storage and networking, to create Hydra Cloud®. This newly launched Multi-functional Cloud Storage Platform®, based on Cleversafe’s patented Dispersed Storage® Network (dsNet®) technology, provides Datatility customers with a tiered public cloud storage solution to best align storage needs with operating costs.

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Among the company’s growing customer base of financial services, media, legal, and healthcare companies and government contractors, Datatility found that nearly 80 percent of data residing on primary storage in their users’ data centers had not been accessed in more than 60 days. With the rising costs of traditional storage in stark opposition to the fast-paced rate of data growth, Datatility realized its customers could benefit by migrating their data to a tiered public cloud storage solution using object storage for a dramatic cost savings.

“Within the data center environment the storage of older data is a huge issue,” said Jan Rosenberg, CEO of Datatility. “With data growth expanding 10x every five years, traditional storage architectures are just not a viable option any longer. They can’t scale and they’re too expensive,” said Rosenberg. “In our evaluation of solutions that could take on this problem effectively and scale to meet future needs, Cleversafe had the most advanced technology solution of all the companies we assessed, including the ability to scale to meet our customers’ needs, extremely high levels of reliability, and virtually unhackable security. Cleversafe also delivered a level of support and cost savings that no other vendor could match,” said Rosenberg.

“Datatility’s multi-tenant approach required us to do a few things differently. We worked hand-in-hand with them every step of the way as they developed a completely new business model to meet the needs of customers that were feeling the pressure of unstructured data growth but couldn’t access the cloud in a way that was effective, efficient or affordable,” said Russ Kennedy, Senior Vice President of Product Strategy and Customer Solutions for Cleversafe. “Together, we enabled efficient storage tiering, low total cost of ownership and multi-functional data center features. Now and well into the future Datatility’s customers won’t have to worry about outgrowing or not being able to afford their data storage needs,” said Kennedy.

Hydra Cloud is comprised of best-in-class object-based storage, cloud gateways and networks that provide secure, reliable and cost-effective ways to store and protect customer data at all times — regardless of what disasters happen inside or outside customers’ data centers. Using Cleversafe’s Dispersed Storage solution as a foundation, Datatility was able to create a solution that features ultimate security through Cleversafe’s SecureSlice™ encryption, greater reliability by dispersing objects across multiple data centers, 100 percent uptime through geographical data dispersal, limitless scalability, fail-safe network optimization and data mobility.

Hydra Cloud will solve customers’ mounting storage challenges at a cost that’s three to five times less expensive than primary storage solutions while at the same time offering superior levels of reliability and security. Cleversafe’s Dispersed Storage solution eliminates the need for replication, dramatically lowering costs associated with storage overhead and management. And by applying Cleversafe’s unique information dispersal technology to slice and disperse data, single points of failure or vulnerability are eliminated, a key consideration for Datatility’s large enterprise and government contractor clients.

Datatility offers a variety of best-in-class cloud gateways that make it easy for customers to load and access data in the Cleversafe dsNet system. Using these multi-functional gateways, Hydra Cloud supports a broad range of functionality including active archiving, local and offsite backup, and file collaboration. Over the next two to three years, Datatility will look to scale to multi-petabytes of data storage using Cleversafe’s solution to accommodate the fast-paced data growth of their customers.

About Cleversafe Inc.
Cleversafe has created a breakthrough technology that solves petabyte and beyond Big Data storage problems. This solution drives up to 90 percent of the storage cost out of the business while enabling secure and reliable global access and collaboration. The world’s largest data repositories rely on Cleversafe. To learn more about Cleversafe and its solutions, please visit, call 312-423-6640 or email us at

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About Datatility
Datatility is a leading provider of managed data center services. Founded in 2003, the company provides organizations with innovative solutions for their network and storage requirements. Datatility is headquartered in the Equinix data facility at Ashburn, Virginia with other locations in San Jose, California; Chicago, Illinois; and London, United Kingdom. It consists of a dedicated customer support team, network and storage engineers. Current solutions include: Hydra Cloud public storage service, data center services, and network services. Learn more at and learn about Hydra Cloud at

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