A New Computer Repair Tools for Technicians

IRVINE, CA, November 05, 2013 — / — A technician from a computer shop, MIS department, geek squad team, or customer service center maintains and repairs many malfunction computers every day. Those computers are filled with various problems, such as failing hard drives or corrupted Windows system.

Computer repair procedures often involves migrating from old computer to a new computer, verifying disk stability and locating Windows problems, replacing system with a new hard disk, fixing boot failures, recovering forgotten Windows passwords, rescuing files in a failed system, and deleting data on a hard disk. Depending on the situation and hardware, these procedures could be tedious and take a great effort to solve.

“FarStone Computer Repair Tools assists technicians to fix computer issues with ease and will increase their productivity by 100%.” Peter Lin, Product Manager of FarStone. “FarStone Computer Repair Tools is designed for computer technician to perform common and the most complicated maintenance operations. ”

FarStone computer repair tools comes in a self bootable USB flash (and DVD), and it does not require Windows to run; all of its operations are done under its own system with no dependencies on Windows or the hardware. With FarStone PC Repair Tools, the technician can also create a factory restore point in a hidden partition, allowing their end users to be able to restore a computer system to the factory state with a simple hit of a hot-key.

Main features

  • Handy Repair Tools Suite for Technician
  • Complete Hard Drive Backup and Imaging
  • Recover Files from a Crash System
  • Secure Military Shredder (DoD 5220.22-M)
  • Windows Login Password Recovery
  • Disk to Disk Cloning
  • Disk Error Checking
  • Hidden Factory Recovery Partition

Pricing and availability:
VirtualDrive Pro is designed for home users and priced at $49.95 per license. VirtualDrive Network is ideal for businesses, schools and libraries, priced at $69.95 for each workstation. Volume licensing is available from their license programs.

About FarStone Technology, Inc.
Founded in 1993, FarStone Technology develops pc and data backup, hard disk imaging, and virtual CD/DVD drive emulation software. FarStone is an ISO 9001 certified software publisher holding multiple technology patents. Headquartered in Irvine, CA, the company licenses its PC and server backup software to corporations, small businesses, educational institutions and consumers worldwide. FarStone’s global technology partners include Intel, AOL, Phoenix Technologies, Trend Micro, and Asus.

Media Contact:
FarStone Technology, Inc.

Source: FarStone Technology, Inc.


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