Computerbilities predicts how 5 big technologies will evolve in 2014

RALEIGH, NC – Dec. 17, 2013 — / — IT support company, Computerbilities, is predicting how 5 IT trends will evolve in 2014, and how businesses can take advantage of them. This year the information technology industry saw the growing importance of shared, manageable, real-time platforms, mobile, and the emergence of Big Data. Next year, Computerbilities expects that these technologies will mature and become an integral part of IT.

5 big technologies expected to evolve in 2014 include:

  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Virtual Networks
  • Big Data
  • Mobile Apps
  • CYOD

The Hybrid Cloud is the best of both worlds in terms of security and backup, according to Computerbilities. It provides redundant backup with its public and private dual backup system, which means sensitive data is safe on-premise while leveraging the infinite capacity and cost-efficiency of off-premise public clouds. It also remains accessible when the internet is down, since businesses can access data on their own server as well.

According to IT expert, Adrian McDonald, President of EMA, EMC, and his expectation of cloud computing trends, “successful organizations will use the cloud to reduce the unit cost of IT by more than 38%, whilst the average time for new applications deployments will be reduced will be reduced by more than 20% This reduction in cost and acceleration in agility and will free up to innovate beyond its core service delivery duties, supporting the business with new services that make use of their cloud infrastructure, potentially delivering new revenue and growth.”

Virtual Networks became mainstream in 2013, and will become easier to use and more prevalent in 2014 with the development of better apps, according to Computerbilities. This revolutionary technology is changing the way businesses work and provides many benefits that include cost, energy and resource efficiency, improved data integrity, a centralized back up and administration, and fewer compatibility issues. However accessibility through a mobile device proves cumbersome, but apps for tablets are much easier to use.

Big Data Solutions coming to market in 2014 will solve operational challenges and/or make analytics measurement more manageable in order to improve their marketing strategies. Three key strategic and operational challenges presently with big data include information strategy, data analytics and enterprise information management. With big companies hosting large and complex data, a need has arisen that Big Data aims to help.

“Storage today is cheap. Big Data’s problem is with the processing power and memory it is now taking to appropriately crunch the data. The technology is out there, HP’s ‘HP Integrity Superdome 2 Server’ comes to mind, but servers like that are expensive to purchase and maintain,” says Adam Pittman, founder of Computerbilities.

In 2013 mobile apps were very localized and specific; however, in 2014 Computerbilities predicts apps will be geared more towards business, instead of just for personal use. More companies will begin to customize and use mobile apps as a way to promote efficiency, as well as cut costs and free up employees.

Computerbilities believes mobile apps will revolutionize aspects of business such as communication, collaboration, accommodation, data/documents, transport, and customer relations.

According to IDC Asia-Pacifica, CYOD is expected to rise amid the ‘death’ of BYOD. While BYOD policies will still be around, many factors will push CYOD to become the main adoption model because CYOD helps IT regain control and secure applications, and delivers tangible business benefits. According to the article, the process typically involves the enterprise allowing users to choose from a small pool of approved company issued devices, usually based on an operating system or two. The degree of standardized environments, allows for easier management and security planning for the IT department. Different job profiles would also be eligible for different devices, and some groups may not even qualify to get any company issued gear but instead be given limited access on their own equipment.

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About Computerbilities
Computerbilities is a leading IT support company providing managed IT services, business IT support, network monitoring, remote computer support, and IT security. Computerbilities also offers web design services and health IT services. Dedicated to building quality relationships, Computerbilities delivers great service with live help, crucial response-time, and confusion-free customized solutions.

Computerbilities is also committed to preventative IT hardware and software maintenance through their strategic alliances with companies like Microsoft, HP, Cisco and Dell to fully support any computer network. Founded by Adam Pittman, Computerbilities has pioneered the work known as Managed Services that is so ubiquitous today.

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