Former Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Pete Hoekstra, believes that CertainStore can prevent devastating mass data breaches and loss of sensitive customer data

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO – January 27, 2014 — / — CertainStore, the only secure data vault that in near real-time simultaneously MicroEncrypts and Microtokenizes™ files individually to prevent mass data breaches, today announced the public rollout of the latest cybersecurity solution utilizing proprietary MicroEncryption/MicroTokenization to prevent the re-occurrence of recent malicious attacks on customer data.

The recent news that data breaches at Target Corp. (TGT:US) may have affected as many as 70 million customer accounts, along with other retailers such as Neiman Marcus and at least three other retailers have brought the issue of data security to the forefront. Former Chairman of the United States Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence from 2004 to 2007, Rep. Pete Hoekstra, believes CertainStore, developed by TransCertain of Colorado, is the answer.

“During my tenure where I led Congressional intelligence activities I understood that data security could be a matter of life and death,” said Rep. Pete Hoekstra, advisory board member of TransCertain, parent company of CertainStore. “Unfortunately, the reality of the “big data” age in which we live is that more frequent attacks on private and public sector data will be the norm. They can and will have devastating consequences. CertainStore will change the way data is stored well into the future. It provides unprecedented levels of protection to ensure the security of sensitive data.”

The current practices used in today’s defenses to secure data are inadequate and vulnerable to brute force efforts by hackers—either private or state-sponsored—to crack open security layers. Once breached, all the files on a server are up for grabs. CertainStore utilizes a multi-layered defense that makes hacking data on a mass level mathematically improbable if not impossible:

1. Sensitive data elements are removed from original location and replaced with a MicroToken.
2. Data elements are MicroEncrypted utilizing customer-specific encryption algorithms.
3. MicroEncrypted data is scattered throughout dozens of servers, becoming unavailable to any form of unauthorized access, essentially turning the data invisible.
4. Perimeter defenses create seven or more levels of disruptive force to stop unauthorized access while all the above is occurring.

CertainStore is PCI Level 1 DSS Certified, HIPAA compliant, PCI, PFI, PHI and PII compliant.

“The modular technology used by CertainStore to achieve safe data storage is truly innovative with its ability to scale to future needs and evolve with the new best practices in the security world” said Dan Furman, CIO of the Federal Improvement Team.

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About CertainStore
CertainStore is the only data security solution that protects fully against mass data breaches. Through proprietary MicroEncryption ™/MicroTokenization™ technology, data files are encrypted down to the byte level. CertainStore is the only data security solution known that can tokenize up to a 2GB data file and be certified to PCI Level 1. Don’t trust your data to any other data security solution. Visit us at


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