New version of CloudArray supports NFS, file sharing, secure bulk ingestion and cloud-to-cloud migration

Natick, MA – February 11, 2014 — / — TwinStrata, an innovator in cloud-integrated storage solutions, today announced the general availability of the latest release of its CloudArray software. Customers using the new release gain broader file access capabilities, file sharing across sites, secure bulk ingestion and easy cloud-to-cloud migration.

Improved file access within and across sites
With today’s release, CloudArray supports NFS v3 and v4 using both AUTH_SYS and Kerberos security models. With this extension, TwinStrata broadens connectivity for block and file-based access to object storage without any need to modify existing applications or processes.

Unlike typical file servers, TwinStrata’s software-defined storage architecture can span multiple locations and compute clouds for sharing data between geographically distributed users. This enables users to select the appropriate topology for each file share, whether optimized for locally biased data access or distributed multi-site data access.

Easier, more secure cloud migration and bulk ingestion
CloudArray features new, self-service cloud migration capabilities that enable organizations to migrate data volumes across cloud providers. Highlights of the new cloud migration feature include:

  • Ability to easily change or diversify cloud providers to reduce technology risk, satisfy compliance obligations, gain better pricing or improve security
  • Selective migration of data volumes or file shares to long-term archive solutions such as EVault LTS2
  • Choice of cloud migration policies, including those that use cloud bandwidth instead of local networks

One of the barriers to cloud storage adoption has been the initial seeding of the cloud with data. Existing methods either take too long or require compromises in security and control.

CloudArray’s unique secure import capability loads data into a secure, on-premise, private cloud at high-speed. The fully encrypted data can then be shipped to a choice of cloud providers without the need to share encryption keys with any party or provider, eliminating risk during transit. With this feature, organizations can:

  • Quickly load data in encrypted, object format on premise
  • Securely ship the encrypted disks to the cloud provider for bulk ingestion
  • Access the data directly from the new cloud provider

Advanced cloud and storage management
CloudArray also offers improved usability, dashboard and controls throughout the product to better analyze and tune cloud storage environments. More granular statistics give users improved control over each application, facilitating performance optimization through dynamic balancing of cache resources.

Michael Queenan, director at Nephos Technologies, said:

  • “Many of the companies we work with today want to put significant amounts of primary data in the cloud. This is no longer about just backup and archive – they want a robust solution that can satisfy all their storage needs. The new version of CloudArray not only offers our customers the NAS and SAN capabilities they demand, it also gets their data up more quickly and insulates them from the risk of vendor lock-in.”

Nicos Vekiarides, founder and CEO of TwinStrata, said:

  • “Our customers are demanding greater sophistication and control over their cloud storage environments. Just getting them to the cloud is no longer enough – users want to store more data with reduced administration and more robust functionality than their on-premises storage systems. With this release, we’ve continued to break down the barriers to using the cloud for all your storage needs.”

Pricing and Availability
The new release of CloudArray is available today. Offered as part of a cloud storage bundle, the CloudArray Cloud Storage Subscription starts at $0.19 per gigabyte per month and includes all the costs of cloud storage, associated transfer fees and the CloudArray software.

TwinStrata also offers a software-only, “Bring Your Own Cloud” subscription, which starts at $99 per month for 1 TB.

About TwinStrata
TwinStrata’s cloud-integrated storage makes data storage straightforward, affordable and maintenance-free by enabling organizations to scale their storage area networks (SAN) and network-attached storage (NAS) with on-demand cloud capacity. Customers use CloudArray to support primary, secondary, backup and archive storage needs. More information is available

Company Contact:
Lorita Ba
+1 (508) 651-0199

Agency Contact
Rachel Vitale
Lois Paul and Partners
P: 617.986.5751

TwinStrata, Inc
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Natick, MA
USA, 01760

SOURCE: TwinStrata, Inc.


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