GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – April 2, 2014 — / — Geneva, Switzerland based GlobeX Data SA and its US distributor New York city based GlobeX Data, Inc. announce a new partnership with Cox Communications, Inc. to offer its Swiss secure cloud storage, secure file share and secure communications solution DigitalSafe® as part of the new cloud services platform, Essential Cloud, a Cox Business Solution offering from Cox Communications, Inc.

The Essential Cloud marketplace is a suite of cloud-based business solutions that can be purchased through one easy-to-use web portal. It is divided principally into several distinctive categories such as Basic Essentials, Restaurant Essentials, Real Estate Essentials Office Essentials and Service Essentials. Essential Cloud is designed to meet the needs of small and medium businesses looking to use cloud-based solutions to simplify IT systems, control costs and increase productivity.

DigitalSafe® is your Swiss Safe For All Your Data! Securely store and share any file type or password with anyone you wish, from business documents, bank and credit card account information, medical records, to PIN codes and passwords. Simply login using any mobile device, tablet, laptop or desktop. There is no software to download, as it is 100% cloud based. DigitalSafe also comes with a highly encrypted and secure Password Manager and secure Email. Your information is completely confidential as your information is safely stored in Switzerland, triple backed up, protected by Swiss privacy laws and using military grade encryption. DigitalSafe® is PCI-DSS and HIPAA certified for financial and medical records keeping. Think of us as Your Swiss Safe in the cloud!

Under the terms of the partnership agreement, GlobeX Data S.A. will enable Essential Cloud’s clients to benefit from its Swiss secure cloud storage, secure file-share and secure communications solutions for their data management in the cloud, as well as propose to their customers the storing of business and personal information (such as PIN numbers, passwords, financial accounts, medical and confidential files and documents) using the DigitalSafe® offering.

“Everyone at GlobeX Data is very proud and excited to offer DigitalSafe® on Essential Cloud from Cox Business. Having Cox Business as a partner is part of a tradition of aligning ourselves with the leaders and innovators in the market, and Cox Communications has shown to be a great leader and innovator in their market. DigitalSafe® is recognized as the global leader in Swiss-based Secure Cloud Services technology and this partnership represents another validation of this recognition. We feel very privileged to be part of this pioneering move by Cox Business Services and we look forward to engaging the team at Essential Cloud in order to achieve the success this venture deserves ”, said Alain Ghiai, CEO, GlobeX Data S.A.

About GlobeX Data
GlobeX Data S.A. ( is the global leader in secure Swiss-based Secure Cloud Services technology incorporated in Geneva, Switzerland with offices and distribution in Europe, North America, Japan and the MENA region. GlobeX Data, Inc. is a Delaware company based in New York, USA. It is the exclusive distributor for all of Swiss based GlobeX Data S.A.’s secure Swiss cloud services in the USA. GlobeX Data offers its services to individuals, SMB’s, large enterprises and governments through its main cloud applications DigitalSafe® and Securus®

Alain Ghiai, CEO
Twitter: @swisssafe

Source: GlobeX Data


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