ST. LOUIS, MO – April 7, 2014 — / — In light of recent data breaches and disasters at major corporations, MB Technology wants to remind businesses to ensure that data is up-to-date and secure at all times.

MB also understands that a one size-fits all approach is not acceptable when it comes to a businesses backups. MB specializes in onsite and offsite backup management solutions and will work with organizations to determine the most cost-effective and reliable solution for a specific IT environment.

There are different levels of Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions:
1) Data Backup: This refers to backing up a company’s database, data files, and all lines of business applications. If an equipment crash occurs or a particular file is lost, a good data backup solution can help you restore data in a timely manner.

2) Disaster Recovery Solution: MB Technology solutions takes a virtual image of the environment, which includes programs, configurations, and data files. This virtual image can restore everything if something were to happen to a businesses server. Without a disaster recovery solution in place a company would need to order new hardware, reload the operating system and data files if a disaster were to occur.

3) Cloud Backup Solution: This solution help maintain business continuity in case of a disaster. For instance, if an unforeseen disaster were to occur and put an office out of commission, this would allow everyone to continue working from home or another secure location.

Businesses should ask the following questions:
Is business data getting successful backups? Organizations need to know that backups are successful. MB Technology Solutions manages and verifies that client’s backups pass. If they do not pass, MB puts a priority on resolving the issue.

Can data be restored? The company may be backing up your network each day, but if there is not an offsite backup solution and a disaster happens to a business, the onsite backups will not help. MB creates a process to ensure that backups are safely and securely stored offsite so data can be accessible in the event of a disaster.

How quickly can backups be restored? Organizations may be getting a good backup, but does the backup solution take into account how much downtime the business can afford? MB finds and implements a solution that fits within a company’s threshold for downtime.

By having a Backup and Disaster Recovery strategy in place businesses are provided peace of mind that IT environments and company data remains secure and attainable. Contact MB Technology Solutions at sales(at)contactmb(dot)com or 314-725-3584 to implement a backup/disaster recovery solution.

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