MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – May 6, 2014 — / — Bitcasa, the company that makes cloud storage simple and secure, today announced the Bitcasa CloudFS Platform, a new service for application developers to leverage its scalable cloud storage technology. The Bitcasa CloudFS Platform enhances public cloud storage by enabling developers to innovate faster, with lower costs, so they can focus on building their applications.

“We’ve developed a robust, battle-tested cloud storage technology,” said Bitcasa CEO, Brian Taptich. “And we’ve learned that creating a cloud storage service is very hard. Our highly secure, scalable and regionalized platform means developers no longer need to face the pain of writing that code — they can quickly deploy their custom cloud apps with our platform.”

With advanced API functionality such as file management, file sharing, media transcoding, and zero-knowledge encryption, the Bitcasa CloudFS Platform accelerates custom application development on public cloud storage. Additionally, with nine pre-built applications, the Bitcasa Turn-key Drive will allow service providers to offer their own branded, consumer storage solution without any complex and costly upfront development.

Bitcasa CloudFS Platform
The Bitcasa CloudFS Platform provides a low cost, easy-to-use and secure service that is faster, cheaper, and a more efficient way to leverage the public cloud.

With full-featured APIs developers can:

  • Easily create structured file systems in the cloud
  • Implement robust privacy and security controls
  • Optimize performance and network bandwidth through smart caching that analyzes use patterns for efficient storage
  • Provide rich media services with streaming and transcoding

For organizations such as device manufacturers and telecom carriers that want to quickly deploy branded cloud storage services, the Bitcasa Turn-key Drive provides the ability to create their own cloud services for customers. Additionally, Bitcasa provides direct access to affordable regionalized cloud storage options across multiple public cloud providers, without writing any custom code.

The platform builds on the Bitcasa consumer cloud storage service, which has been engineered to provide a scalable architecture that seamlessly connects millions of devices. Bitcasa has experienced more than 99.999 percent uptime since launching its consumer service in 2011.

Developers interested in signing up for API access can register on the Bitcasa CloudFS Platform website – General availability for the Bitcasa Platform will be Spring/Summer 2014.

Partner Quotes
“The Bitcasa CloudFS Platform made it easy to add a cloud storage service to our portfolio of offerings. The technology has already been refined and gives our customers the ability to store, stream and share content seamlessly across their devices,” said Scott Olechowski, Chief Product Officer at Plex.

“Bitcasa has a strong, passionate community of developers. As a Bitcasa platform partner, we’ve valued the innovation and ease of use of the Bitcasa API for both our consumer and developer products,” said Eliot Sun, CEO at Kloudless.

About Bitcasa
Backed by top-tier investors, including Horizons Ventures, Pelion Venture Partners, Samsung Ventures, First Round Capital and Andreessen Horowitz, Bitcasa provides a home for your digital belongings. Bitcasa believes that your digital belongings are your own, and that only you should control who can access and use them. With access across all devices; Android, iOS, Windows, Windows RT, Mac OSX, Linux and the Web, Bitcasa enables you to take your stuff with you everywhere and share or stream it from any device. Bitcasa designed the software to ensure complete privacy with client-side encryption, so your belongings are always your own. Download at, and follow us at and  and

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