SUNNYVALE, CA – May 13, 2014 — / — today announced that Aero Law Group, based in Bellevue, Washington, has deployed DataProtect to realize significant time savings with enterprise cloud backup and disaster recovery compared with its previous tape-based solution. Zetta’s enterprise cloud backup solution not only helped the company avoid hours of downtime, but it eliminated more than six hours per month spent on manual backup tasks and lowered recovery time from hours to minutes.

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Aero Law represents more than 500 clients on six continents, and had 500GB of critical Exchange Server data and Microsoft Office files to protect. Because of this growing volume of data, the firm’s previous tape system could no longer accommodate the increasing demands on the legacy backup solution.

While recovery speed is critical for the firm, tape backup had inherent complexity that created more issues for backup and recovery than it solved, causing delays that could endanger business activities . “Often, something would go wrong, like a tape being dismounted before a backup had completed,” said Jason Webb, IT manager for Aero Law Group. “It reached a point where we weren’t achieving successful daily backups more than twice a week.”

Webb found significant improvements within a week after the firm started using Zetta’s enterprise cloud backup soltuion. File restores could now be done seamlessly within one minute, and security and support were also improved.

“I like that Zetta has its own data centers, rather than using somebody else’s, such as Amazon S3,” said Webb. “This gives us more confidence about the security of our data.” In terms of support, Webb notes that Zetta’s tech support resolves questions quickly without extra hold time on the phone. “I’ve never had a bad support experience with Zetta,” said Webb. “I’m really happy with it—not just the backup service, but the company as a whole.”

About DataProtect DataProtect delivers 3-in-1 enterprise-grade cloud backup, archiving and local cloud-based disaster recovery functionality. Unlike other solutions, DataProtect is cloud-native, specifically designed for the Internet with built-in WAN traffic optimization and 10 patent-pending cloud performance acceleration technologies. With backup speed that is 396 percent faster than performance-tested competitors, users can backup in minutes versus hours, or even days, and recover multiple TBs of data within a 24-hour period. Coupled with enterprise-grade data centers and security levels, delivers a high-performing, appliance-free solution that is being rapidly adopted by organizations looking to replace older, complex backup systems with an easy-to-deploy and cost-effective alternative.

About is an award-winning provider of enterprise-grade 3-in-1 backup, disaster recovery and archiving technology for small/medium enterprises, distributed organizations, and managed service providers (MSPs). The SaaS-based solution enables companies to simplify backups and instantly recover data through a single management point. With local, offsite, archiving and disaster recovery functionality integrated into one solution, delivers the value of multiple products at a fraction of the cost.

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