#WhyBackup? Because you need more than 200 selfies saved to classify as a true Millennial.

SADDLE BROOK, NJ – June 10, 2014 — /BackupReview.info/ — Cloud storage provider RossBackup launched its first contest last week; coincidentally enough, on the same day Apple unveiled its new cloud storage service, iCloud Drive. Cloud storage is in high demand not only due to its convenience, but also its usefulness in both personal and professional situations. Thus, speculators were not surprised by Apple’s decision to extend its services beyond iCloud. They may be surprised, however, that independent cloud storage providers such as RossBackup have already charted such territory—offering customers unlimited cloud storage for $5 monthly. The multiplatform contest titled ‘#WhyBackup’ asks users to provide a one-line response to the question ‘why back up your files?’

Users may enter on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Six grand prize winners will win iPad Minis along with a year of unlimited cloud storage. Additionally, unlimited storage packages will be awarded sporadically throughout the month.

The contest will last for the duration of June and users may enter once daily on any (or all) of the three social platforms. Responses can be serious, silly, witty, creative, or logical; relevance and originality are most important. The iPad Mini winners will be announced each Monday, with the last two winners announced randomly during the month. Entrants must include the hashtag #WhyBackup as well as the tag @RossBackup with their submission.

Example entries include:

•#WhyBackup? Because losing the photos of my dad in a chicken suit would be devastating.

•Because using a computer is like driving a car. Even if you’re really careful, nobody can warn you before a crash. #WhyBackup

•#WhyBackup? Because word on the street is that iPhone storage is the equivalent of using a ziplock bag as a suitcase.

•Because simple drive recovery can cost upwards of $7,000 with no guarantee of recovery. #WhyBackup

•#WhyBackup? Because Snapchat already saw… everything.

•Because the worst part of losing your files might be that for $5/month you could have prevented it. #WhyBackup

About RossBackup:
After a fire destroyed his home, Aaron Ross was relieved that he had previously backed up his computer with a cloud storage program. Shortly after, he learned that his provider had failed to do its job, saving only two of his file folders. One year later, Mr. Ross founded RossBackup in an effort to combat such faulty cloud storage programs. His mission was to create an inexpensive, intelligent, easy-to-use; dependable and secure cloud storage service. RossBackup is exactly that.

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