BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA –  June 19, 2014 — / — Corporate Backup, a Perth-based cloud backup wholesaler to the IT sector, has employed the leading business communications specialist Comscentre to continue their aggressive expansion with new storage hosted in NEXTDC’s M1 Melbourne data centre.

The deal now enables resellers on the company’s proprietary Probax platform to select sites in both Melbourne and Perth for offsite backup storage.

“It was a very beneficial decision to use NEXTDC as an integral part of our solution for Corporate Backup”, Comscentre Sales Specialist, Andrew Houghton explained. “NEXTDC’s all-inclusive ecosystem and unique services gave us the perfect integration opportunity and it was a pleasure working with them” he said.

“Our presence in Melbourne marks a big step forward for us in terms of uptime and recoverability,” said Kyle Walter, Corporate Backup’s Head of Business Development. During a recent trip to Melbourne, Kyle noted that the demand for large volumes of cloud storage were increasing dramatically. “Five years ago, selling a single terabyte of storage to one business was a pretty rare transaction. Most of the companies that met with us during our Melbourne road show were interested in 10TB or more.”

“We chose M1 for a number of reasons,” explained Probax creator and Corporate Backup Technical Director, Kevin Allan. “After meeting with NEXTDC reps at various functions we felt that the brand had real depth of quality and were committed to building great facilities, plus we wanted access to the NEXTDC ecosystem of partners. NEXTDC’s brand is also trusted by the greater IT community, and we wanted to align ourselves with best-in-breed partners.”

“The possibility of using rack space in other States that have a NEXTDC facility also appealed to us, and let’s be honest – there are cool lounges you can chill-out in after doing some heavy server lifting!”

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