Panzura’s Technology Enables Fast, Secure Data Transfers with Flawless Data Backup and Recovery

CAMPBELL, CA. – September 3, 2014 — / — Panzura, the leading global provider of locking file and cloud storage systems, today announced that the Miami Marlins, MLB World Series champions, have transformed their internal IT operations by implementing Panzura’s global file storage and access solution. The organization experienced error-free integration into an existing digital file system and is now able to seamlessly distribute and share data, enabling the Marlins to have data backup and recovery as well as speedy video data transfers. With the Panzura solution, the Marlins have better insights on the field and greater cost controls at the office.

By moving from a Common Internet File System (CIFS) to a Panzura controller at ballpark headquarters, the Marlins completely transformed its data management and storage system. The organization was also able to implement an identical standby solution at its nearby colocation at Roger Dean Stadium to further enhance its data backup system. Most importantly, the IT staff benefitted from Panzura’s easy-to-use solution with no workflow interruptions and a minimal learning curve. In fact, the Panzura controller, used in conjunction with Cleversafe’s object-storage technology on the back-end, empowered some of the Marlins IT staff to free up nearly 30 percent of the time formerly spent on backup procedures.

“Panzura provided one complete data storage and access solution that enabled us to upgrade our data management and recovery needs,” stated Ozzy Macias, Miami Marlins IT Manager. “The Panzura solution has revolutionized the way our IT department operates thanks to the technology’s world-class functionality, clarity, ease of use, and cost controls—that’s the kind of technology that championships are built on.”

Fully implemented in less than three months, Panzura’s flexible file access and storage system enables the Miami Marlins organization to deploy cloud storage from a single appliance, ultimately accommodating the 40+ terabytes of audiovisual data, including clips of spring training, games, workouts, and video of the opposing teams, to help the Marlins gain a competitive advantage. The system is also compatible with Hadoop to help store the team’s large data files.

“We’re baseball fans here at Panzura and couldn’t be more pleased to hear the Miami Marlins have experienced real results with our data management and storage solution that makes an impact both in the IT department and ultimately, on the field,” said Randy Chou, co-founder and CEO of Panzura. “Being able to steer the organization’s move to a public cloud solution was a grand slam for both the Marlins’ team and ours.”

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