Businesses can keep an exact copy of their server status (as a MirrorDrive) with incremental cloning scheduler. A Mirror Drive will also keep up to 99 historic versions for each files and folders.

IRVINE, CA. Oct 8th, 2014 — / — FarStone known for their refined Total Backup and Recovery® software, announced the release of DriveClone 11. The latest version of its cloning solution that reduces the complexity of disk upgrades and offers a low cost, zero time recovery solution for businesses. With DriveClone, SSD and HDD disk migration process is easy, automatic, optimal, and space saving.

DriveClone is an affordable solution for workstations and servers upgrades. It also maintains servers’ stability and reliability by incrementally cloning all files and changes made to the hard drive. All files versions, modified or deleted, can be accessed through Mirror drive’s hierarchy system. In case of disaster, simply swap the failed disks with the mirrored drive and business will continue as usual with no down time.

New version introduces the Scheduler for Mirror Drive, which allows companies to set time schedule for incremental cloning. This will ensure that Mirror Drive will always contain all the data and latest changes of the hard drive, effectively secure the system. In addition, incremental cloning function always keep all file versions in a hierarchy, allowing clients to access all old, modified, or deleted files.

DriveClone 11 also includes “Rapid cloning”. It drastically speeds up the cloning process.

Main new features

  • Scheduler for incremental cloning
  • Near real-time MirrorDrive
  • Rapid cloning for 2X faster
  • Multi-time cloning
  • Log
  • Retain GUID & Partition 4K aligned
  • Fix boot issues – BCD, Boot.ini, PBC, MBR, GUID

DriveClone Migration Kit includes all of the hardware and data migration software necessary to transfer data from your old hard drive to a new hard drive or SSD. Includes an USB 3 to 2.5” SATA external drive enclosure, a 12? SATA data cable, and DriveClone software.

About FarStone Technology, Inc.
FarStone Technology, Inc. is a pioneer in data and PC system backup software company. Founded in 1993, FarStone Technology provides easy-to-use and reliable PC and server backup, hard disk migration and data recovery software.

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