PRINCETON, N.J., Oct. 22, 2014 — / — SnapOne, Inc. the only company today offering families an all-in-one, cross-platform “life security” solution, today announced it’s shipping a new version of its flagship product, Snap One®, to help families secure and manage family members, data and devices, as well as share, socialize and manage content in the cloud, from virtually any device. By combining three products in one – Snap Secure®, Snap CloudView™ and Snap Play® – Snap One is the first to solve the problem of family and digital life safety, connectedness, cloud backup and media management in a single solution that would otherwise require families to purchase multiple pieces of software.

“We’ve spent a lot of time learning how families today are relying more and more on digital technology to help them feel connected and secure with their family members,” explains Jiren Parikh, president & CEO of SnapOne, Inc. “Our mission with Snap One is to offer a comprehensive cross-platform life security service regardless of the type of smart device you own or switch to in the future – akin to an iCloud for everyone and every device. Whether families need to keep track of where their kids are, make sure their teen is driving safely, protect their social media connections, secure devices from malware, or back up and manage all of their device photos, videos and music from our secure cloud, Snap One is the essential solution to help them do it all.”

In this month of National Cyber Security Awareness and on the cusp of the holiday season, SnapOne, Inc. understands that digital and personal safety is top-of-mind for everyone, especially for families. By upgrading Snap One with SocialSafe to protect personal and family social media accounts, CloudSafe with complete cross-platform sync and restore features on any device, updated anti-theft protection, and new Emergency Manager for alerting family members when you are in danger, families now have a way to tackle safety concerns head-on and protect family members from threats like social media malware, inappropriate language in public social media posts, online bullies, hackers, phone theft, and more.

Snap One also raised the bar on family support, now enabling users to add up to six members and unlimited devices including Androids, iPhones, Windows Phones and even Apple and Windows desktop computers, on a single subscription. The entire family can sync all of their devices to our family-shareable cloud, while keeping each member’s data completely private unless shared through FamilyRoom, a feature in CloudView that allows each member to securely share photos, videos, music and documents from their devices and the cloud with each other. Cloud storage options range from 250 GB to 1 TB.

“As more families look to their digital devices to stay connected, security continues to be a major concern and selling point,” explains Tim Bajarin, president of Creative Strategies. “Snap One makes it easy, fun, and secure for families to stay connected on multiple devices running on multiple platforms. No other provider offers a package geared towards families with the breadth of features that Snap One provides.”

SNAP SECURE provides the most complete security service available for people, data and devices.  Key features include:

Family Security

  • FamilySafe – Remotely see where each family member’s device is on a map
  • SocialSafe – Monitor social media profiles for embarrassing public/bullying posts, malicious links and fake friends (80% of malware infections originate from social media accounts)
  • Driver Safety – Motion-activated technology sends an alert to you when your child is texting, calling or browsing the web while driving
  • Safety Zones – Receive notifications when your child leaves or arrives at a designated area for instant peace of mind without intruding
  • Emergency Manager – In dangerous situations, activate Emergency Manager to instantly send SOS alerts to emergency contacts simultaneously
  • Call & Text Monitoring – Enter specific contacts and receive alerts if family members communicate with someone who is inappropriate to talk with

Data Security

  • Full Media Backup – Schedule automatic backups to safeguard photos, videos, music, documents, important contacts and more, in the cloud. Available on mobile devices and desktop computers
  • Cross-Platform Restore – If you or a family member gets a new device or changes brands, restore data from your old phone or any other device you own to your new one. Choose individual files or transfer everything at once
  • MalwareSafe for Android – Protect your data from the latest viruses, spyware and malware threats. Rated #1 by PC Magazine
  • App Transparency – Know when apps are poaching your personal information and delete them from your device if necessary

Device Security

  • SIM Card Guardian – Get notified when an unauthorized SIM card is inserted into your device to guard against theft and block access to your phone
  • Cross-Platform Device Map – Quickly locate any mobile device your family owns.  Find an iPhone from an Android, or an Android from a Windows Phone
  • Remote Lock & Wipe – Remotely lock or wipe a device in the event of loss or theft to make sure your information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands
  • Remote Camera Capture – Remotely take a picture with your device’s camera so you can see what’s on the other side

Snap Secure is available for sale as part of Snap One and also as a standalone app.

SNAP CLOUDVIEW enables families to view, access, stream and share cloud data and content that was securely backed up with Snap Secure from anywhere. Key features include:

  • View & Access – Once your content is backed up with Snap Secure, view and access your cloud media from virtually any device and/or web browser
  • Family Room – Instantly and privately share content with all the members on your plan (up to six)
  • Auto-Organize – Your photos, music, videos and docs are automatically categorized for you in easy-to-identify folders
  • Filters & Favorites – Identify and manage the files you access the most with filters and favorites labeling
  • Share & Socialize – Share content by email, link, or social media profiles
  • Privacy – Families can share one cloud storage plan, but all files remain private unless explicitly shared

SNAP PLAY is the simplest way to manage, organize and stream your music from the cloud to any device. Key features include:

  • Cross-Platform Music Streaming – Play home and mobile music from any device and save device storage space by storing songs in your personal cloud
  • Stream iTunes – Listen to your iTunes library from any device (music must first be backed up with Snap Secure)
  • Create Playlists – Your perfect set-list can be created on mobile devices or the web, listen to them from anywhere
  • Album Artwork – Auto-fetch artwork to replace missing album covers and keep your music collection not only sounding good, but looking good too
  • Auto-Organization – View songs by track, artist, album or genre. Keep your music collection exactly the way you want it and organized in one convenient place

Families can download Snap One on all major platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows and Apple Mac devices.

Snap One is available now via TigerDirect’s web store, select Verizon Wireless mobile retailers, and the website. Next month Snap One will also be sold in big box retailers: Target, Office Depot, and Fry’s, as well as on Snap One includes the applications Snap Secure, Snap CloudView and Snap Play, the ability to add six users and unlimited devices, and 750 GB for the MSRP price of $9.99/mo or $99.99/yr. Snap Secure is also sold as a standalone app for $4.99/mo and $49.99/yr with 200 GB of cloud storage.

SnapOne, Inc., is the leader in personal, family and digital “Life Security” applications and services, and the underlying platform. The company’s Snap One®, Snap Secure®, Snap CloudView™, Snap Play®, Snap FamilySafe® and Snap FieldSafe™ products allow individuals, families and small businesses to leverage the cloud with simple yet powerful apps and services to secure and manage people, data, devices, and their entire lives. The Snap One security-as-a-service delivery platform is the industry’s only comprehensive and unified offering for channel partners that want to enhance their product and service offering with personal, family and small business “Life Security” features. SnapOne, Inc. is headquartered in Princeton, N.J., with offices located worldwide. Learn more about our “Life Security” products, partnerships, and future updates at

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