LONDON, UK – November 5, 2014 — / — MacMate has added Time Machine backup to its versatile cloud disk solution to enable easy cloud-based backup of entire Macs. It’s the only cloud backup solution that allows this and brings enterprise-level offsite backup capability to consumer and small businesses.

“Time Machine is built into every Mac and is designed to make backup to a local machine or Time Capsule as easy as a few clicks. We wanted to bring this simplicity to MacMate. We felt there’s no easier or better way to ensure you have backups than use something many Mac users are familiar with already” Gary Hall, CEO of MacMate. “We felt that having a third party application, or sync utility was cumbersome and over complicated”

Time Machine allows you to select multiple disks as your backup locations and incrementally backs up changed data every hour, alternating between the disks. Traditionally these needed to be either physically connected to the Mac or as AppleShares on the network. MacMate bridges this gap by creating a mounted disk that the OS sees as a physical disk. MacMate recommends that users have a local backup, via their iMac or Mac Mini at home – perhaps with an external hard drive or Time capsule – and use MacMate for their offsite solution. Backups are performed in the background, are secure and can be restored from the Mac OS install screen or selectively by file/folder. The MacMate Disk has versatility too, so that users can use the cloud space using traditional methods and apps that support FTP, SFTP, WebDav and native AFP – allowing the customer to use the disk from a variety of their favorite apps. It also has a web-based file browser to allow reading and writing of the disk from any modern browser or iOS device.

“MacMate Time Machine backups represent a huge leap forward in the peace of mind every Mac user can now place in their data backup strategy – and without the need for any complicated applications or schedules to set.” Lauren Baker, Marketing Manager.

With packages from 100GB to 2TB available – and the ability to have multiple time machine backups to one destination (for MacBook and iMac for example) prices start at $9.99 or GBP6.99 per month. MacMate also comes as a free 10GB version and a Classic package at 25GB. Also included with MacMate is web hosting, email, calendars and filesharing all in one package and under one roof. MacMate are currently working on further enhancements including a revolutionary online site builder which will redefine how easy and quickly a website can be created, as well as WordPress hosting with a twist… It’s aim is to provide online “cloud” solutions that are powerful yet simple – taking the headache and complexity out of your online presence.

MacMate was launched in 2012 as a replacement for Apple’s MobileMe service and saw rapid take-up of iWeb users looking for a new home for their site. Since then it’s evolved into an online Swiss-army-knife, constantly being improved and added to.

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Lauren Baker
Marketing Manager
0120 822 0514

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