ASHBURN, VA – December 09, 2014 — / — Virtacore, a leading provider of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) solutions, has partnered with data backup specialist Veeam to establish CoreBACKUP, a new high-speed recovery and data loss avoidance solution.

Availability Suite v8 featuring Cloud Connect, Veeam’s specialized backup solution, is built around a 3-2-1 paradigm. The system focuses on ensuring you always have three copies of data in existence. From there, those copies need to be stored on at least two different media types. The final element of protecting data via backup solutions is to have information stored in at least one off-site location.

Virtacore’s new CoreBACKUP solution works within this 3-2-1 framework, but adds in advanced networking principles to ensure data moves between the two locations at peak efficiency. The result is a situation in which you can cost-efficiently backup data in a remote location without having to deal with excess complexity or any kind of security risk. This is accomplished in a few key ways:

Network simplicity: The CoreBACKUP platform uses a simple SSL connection to move data between your facility and the backup location. This makes it easier to configure the network and move data without having to establish a VPN or similar solution.

Data protection: Moving away from a VPN to an SSL connection is possible because Virtacore uses AES 256 encryption to make sure information is safe as it moves between destinations.

Veeam-specific tools: The Veeam platform enables Virtacore customers to take advantage of data compression and deduplication as a default feature of the solution. WAN acceleration solutions are also available.

These functions come together to create an off-site backup solution that is not limited by traditional challenges like difficulties moving data through the network or having to spend heavily on hardware and a secondary data center.

“Secure off-site backup and recovery services have emerged as critical services for businesses in any industry,” said Bill Thompson, Virtacore VP of Operations and Engineering. “Cloud backup and DRaaS solutions are giving organizations access to cost-efficient off-site backup and recovery solutions without the heavy investment in second site infrastructure. Our CoreBACKUP solutions provide resiliency, keep data safe and position organizations to preserve and restore their information under any circumstances. Partnering with Veeam has given us the tools to establish high-speed recovery functionality without creating complexity for our customers.”

The new CoreBACKUP system is a holistic DRaaS option that positions organizations to keep data safe, comply with regulatory standards and leverage enterprise-class functionality in a package that fits the budget of small and medium-sized business.

About Virtacore Systems, Inc.
Virtacore is a leading cloud services provider specializing in virtual infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solutions utilizing VMware and built on enterprise cloud platform technologies. With many years of experience in cloud and Internet services, Virtacore has a long and solid history of providing IaaS and disaster recovery (DR) solutions to meet the critical needs of clients. Based in Sterling, Virginia, Virtacore maintains a broad U.S. footprint and serves domestic and multinational clients. Virtacore is backed by Insight Venture partners, a global private equity and venture capital firm. To learn more, visit or follow us on Twitter @virtacore.

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