The Patent “Versioned File System with Fast Restore” Covers Nasuni’s Ability to Recover Terabytes of Data in Seconds with a Simple Click of the Mouse

NATICK, Mass. – December 16, 2014 — / — Nasuni®, a provider of enterprise storage to global organizations, today announced that the U.S. Patent Office has issued a patent to Nasuni that covers its ability to restore terabytes of data in seconds with just a simple mouse click.

Nasuni is able to accomplish this feat because all customer data lives not in an on-premises hardware appliance, but in the Nasuni Service, which takes a snapshot of the entire data set as frequently as every 60 seconds. If files or even large folders of data are accidentally deleted, Nasuni need only bring back a portion of the metadata – which is very small in size, even for a very large volume – into the namespace and the data is immediately accessible thanks to the technology in this patent and the power of Nasuni’s patented UniFS® file system.

“Since we switched to the Nasuni Service, employees really appreciate our ability to recover a file in minutes instead of days,” said Greg Nichols, Chief Technology Officer for TBG Partners, a leading landscape architecture firm. “And for my part, not having to worry at all about backup and recovery lets me focus on other strategic IT projects that can help move the business forward.”

“This is a huge improvement over the traditional data recovery scenario,“ said Andres Rodriguez, CEO of Nasuni. “Using the traditional approach, IT had to retrieve a tape and then find the file on that tape. It could take hours, even days in that scenario. Today with Nasuni, the IT administrator can say, ‘I’ve got snapshots of that file every minute from the moment the file first entered the system. Which version do you want?’ The requested version of any file can then be restored immediately. And it’s not just one file. Nasuni can restore an entire file system in minutes regardless of its size. We offer our customers a reliable foundation to implement their disaster recovery protocol. It’s yet another way in which Nasuni is revolutionizing how storage works on a global scale.”

The Patent, US 20120054156 A1 – “Versioned File System with Fast Restore,” can be viewed at the following link:

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