Platform Helps Telecom, Insurance, Automotive, Home Security, Education and Other Verticals Build Security and Safety Monitoring Functionality Into Their Products

PRINCETON, NJ – Dec. 16, 2014 — / — SnapOne, Inc., the leader in personal, family and digital “Life Security” applications and services, today announced the availability of its “Life Security” platform. Through the platform, partners can build people, data and device security and safety monitoring applications, and embedded services for individuals, families and business customers. The platform delivers a robust set of security and safety functionality that can be integrated to create new cross-platform applications, with many of the features demonstrable in its portfolio of branded applications, including Snap Secure, Snap FamilySafe and Snap FieldSafe, which are sold through retailers, D2C, and bundled as a value-add with channel partners.

SnapOne’s “Life Security” features include location, geo-fencing and family mapping services, driver safety monitoring, emergency reporting and tracking, device security and usage controls, data monitoring, cloud backup and synchronization, anti-malware, identity protection and other security and safety features that consumers value. Partners of SnapOne, Inc. can use off-the-shelf features to build standalone applications, as well as combine their own services, to design integrated solutions and create new revenue streams.

Examples of customized solutions include:

  • Child, pet and elderly location tracking and mapping
  • Family health monitoring using off-the-shelf wearables and smartphones
  • Driver safety and driver analytics apps for new car buyers and teen drivers
  • Automated and manual emergency reporting app with full tracking
  • Family mapping, family sharing and family smart device integration with home automation and security platforms for activating and deactivating services
  • Smart device asset management and fraud reduction apps for insurance and warranty providers, including device monitoring and diagnostics
  • In-vehicle family mapping and geo-fenced triggers that integrate with home automation systems. In-vehicle personal cloud media access and streaming apps
  • University campus student safety apps including panic button, vicinity emergency alerts and location tracking during campus emergencies
  • High-school geo-fencing apps to track and manage students during operating hours and emergencies

The platform allows for rapid deployment of standalone mobile and smart device endpoint applications, as well as plug-and-play integration with third party security services and enterprise systems – including data feeds and anti-malware engines, wearable and sensor integration, billing/subscriber lifecycle management and other service delivery applications. Partners can also leverage SnapOne’s mobile cross-platform interoperable framework clients covering Apple iOS, Google Android, Microsoft Windows Phone, web browsers, and desktop clients for data synchronization and backup for OS X and Windows.

SnapOne’s research efforts include leveraging wearables, sensors and life-activity data using the platform’s Predictive Alert Engine. The engine can unify data input to create smart safety monitoring and emergency alert applications that enhance the value of B2C products and services in a variety of industries. The platform will take input from various end-points, including data feeds, user locations and movement patterns, driving behavior, application and smart device usage, wearables and other IoT sensors to automate safety and security monitoring with programmatic triggers, as well as predictive alerts that can quickly reach family members, public safety officials and medical and call center agents in times of need. SnapOne sees a substantial market opportunity to disrupt existing security and life safety markets by creating smarter solutions to help consumers and families secure themselves, their loved ones and their digital lives.

“With a base of security and safety monitoring features and the platform flexibility to integrate with third party services, partners can create and build applications and services that enhance the value of their own offerings,” said Jiren Parikh, the CEO and president of SnapOne, Inc. “No other company provides the level of security features and platform flexibility that we do, and with our ability to customize, we’re an easy choice for many companies that want to build new services for revenue generation, value-add and customer retention.”

About SnapOne, Inc.
SnapOne, Inc., is the leader in personal, family and digital “Life Security” applications and SaaS platform. The company’s Snap One®, Snap Secure®, Snap CloudView™, Snap Play®, Snap FamilySafe® and Snap FieldSafe™ mobile applications allow individuals, families and small businesses to leverage the cloud with simple yet powerful apps and services to secure and manage people, data, devices, and their entire lives. The Life Security SaaS platform is the industry’s only comprehensive and unified offering for channel partners that want to enhance their product and service offering with personal, family and business security and safety monitoring features. SnapOne, Inc. is headquartered in Princeton, N.J., with offices located worldwide. Learn more about our “Life Security” products, partnerships, and future updates at

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