OCP Summit 2015

SAN JOSE, CA – March 17, 2015 — / — Panasonic showcased the data archiver and data center battery backup unit that utilizes 18650-size cylindrical lithium-ion battery cells at the OCP U.S. Summit 2015, held on March 10 – 11, 2015, in San Jose, California.

Flash Report: Panasonic at Open Compute Project U.S. Summit 2015 #ocpsummit15

OCP U.S. Summit 2015 is one of the events of the industry hosted by OCP, Open Compute Project, an organization that Facebook has established to promote open source server hardware. The OCP has nearly 200 companies now participating and nearly 3,000 people gathered at the summit to openly share and learn about the technologies that are redefining the data center and moving our industry forward.

Data Archiver
In recent years, long-term storage of big data has become a social challenge. The Data Archiver is a “scalable optical disc library system” that meets the needs of the next generation data center proposed by the OCP with its ability to store data for an extended period of time.

By drawing on its optical media, disc drive, and sophisticated robotics technology, Panasonic has developed a scalable system suitable for long-term data storage comprised of modules that can be extended as the amount of data increases. Having a long data storage life of 50 years, customers will no longer have to migrate data periodically. Compared to hard discs, the Data Archiver also boasts low power cooling, and therefore it will significantly reduce running costs.

Battery Backup Unit
Data centers require backup power in the event of a power failure during long-term storage period. In addition, the batteries need to be both compact and efficient to support the needs of the distributed type of data center.

At OCP, Panasonic also showcased a battery backup unit that utilizes its 18650-size cylindrical lithium-ion batteries. This is a reliable battery with a wide array of applications from laptop computers to the world’s most advanced electric vehicles.

Panasonic leverages its technological expertise to provide game-changing back-end solutions for data centers. As the amount of data continues to increase exponentially, Panasonic will offer even higher capacity optical discs and better scalability so that it may help streamline customers’ data operation.

Panasonic at OCP Summit 2015
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