No-Appliance Cloud Backup Achieves Breakthrough Speeds of 13x Faster than Appliance-Based Cloud Backups

SUNNYVALE, CA – April 13, 2015 — /BackupReview.info/ — Zetta.net today announced availability of the first cloud-based offsite backup designed to accommodate the high-performance needs of enterprise and large MSP customers. Now, for the first time, organizations can backup up to 200TB in a typical 12 hour backup window and get individual servers disaster recovery (DR)-ready in as little as three hours.

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“Enterprises and MSPs consistently face the mounting challenge of growing datasets that simply can’t be protected within a typical overnight backup window,” said Dave Simpson, Senior Analyst, Storage, 451 Research. “This has been a barrier for enterprises and MSPs when adopting cloud-based solutions for offsite backup. Now, with its new speed enhancements, Zetta DataProtect is blasting previous performance barriers and making it possible for organizations with very large datasets to take full advantage of direct-to-cloud backup for faster offsite data protection and more rapid recovery options.”

In third-party benchmark testing, Zetta DataProtect delivered direct-to-cloud backup speeds that are 13x faster than appliance cloud backup speeds. The cloud backup solution also performs backup to local devices with speeds that dramatically outperform traditional LAN backups or hard disk. In fact, Zetta.net cloud backup solution delivered speeds up to 2.5x faster than backups performed locally to backup appliances.

“We were able to get 70TB to Zetta.net’s cloud quickly without bringing our network to a halt,” said Erick Panger, Director of Information Technology at TruePosition. “With its WAN-optimized capabilities and easy-to-use solution, Zetta.net’s cloud backup and DR service just works without any hiccups.”

Zetta DataProtect’s direct-to-cloud approach reduces time to deploy, scales infinitely to meet growing data requirements, and cuts administration costs. The solution employs WAN acceleration technologies to rapidly transfer data, giving customers improved data workflow. And, should a disaster occur, Zetta.net’s appliance free-solution avoids the delays inherent in waiting for a replacement appliance.

Key benefits of the new Zetta DataProtect version include:

  • Protects more data in a shorter backup window – The new version leverages Zetta.net’s patented WAN optimization technology to transfer data 13x faster than the tested appliance, allowing nightly backups for a much larger dataset.
  • 200TB in the cloud – In the third-party test, Zetta.net used 1/20th of the available bandwidth 1Gbit per sec pipe – equivalent to a 50Mbit per sec connection. With a 1Gbit per sec connection and 2% change rate, the protected dataset could reach 200TB (40 x 5TB servers).
  • DR-ready in 3 hours – Simultaneous cloud and local backups eliminate delay in transferring backups offsite, reducing vulnerability to data loss and ensuring data is immediately ready for recovery following a disaster. In the test, Zetta.net was DR-ready in just 3 hours.
  • DR from anywhere – With an appliance-free approach, files, databases and server images can be restored from a mounted drive via a Web based browser from any location with no reliance on specific hardware.

“One of the biggest arguments has been that backing up data to a local device is much faster than over the Internet,” said Gary Sevounts, CMO, Zetta.net. “Many turned to backup appliances only to find that they have only added to the complexity and slowed processes down, especially during critical recovery operations. Zetta DataProtect’s latest version finally gives enterprise customers a new cloud-based offsite backup option that can transfer large data sets directly to the cloud, freeing them from costly, inefficient backup hardware.”

Third-Party Benchmark Results: Zetta.net vs. Barracuda Backup 390
Zetta DataProtect’s direct-to-cloud backup performance was validated by a benchmark test conducted by Mediatronics. The speed comparison tested a Barracuda Backup 390 appliance with Cloud Storage against the Zetta DataProtect backup service, using a data drive image backup of 490GB and an incremental backup with a 5% change rate.

Results showed that Zetta.net’s direct-to-cloud backup was:

  • 2.5X Faster than local backup to the appliance: Zetta.net completed image backup in 3 hours versus the local appliance, which took 7.5 hours for the same task. Incremental backups were 1 hour to the cloud for Zetta.net compared to 1 hour and 44 minutes to the local appliance.
  • 13X Faster than appliance-based cloud backup: Zetta.net completed image backup to the cloud in 3 hours compared to the cloud backup appliance, which took 38 hours for the same task. Incremental backups were 1 hour to the cloud for Zetta.net compared to 6 hours to the cloud for the cloud backup appliance.

Download the third-part “Cloud vs. Appliance-based Backup: Speed Test Results” by Mediatronics for more details: http://goo.gl/ePOGxE

Zetta DataProtect optimized for enterprise and MSP environments is available now.

For more information visit http://www.zetta.net/Zetta-Data-Protect

About Zetta.net
Zetta.net is an award-winning provider of enterprise-grade cloud backup, disaster recovery and archiving technology for small/medium enterprises and managed service providers (MSPs). Its software-only approach with built-in WAN acceleration enables companies to simplify backups, speed data recovery and reduce overall cost.

For more information, visit www.zetta.net or www.facebook.com/zettastorage. Follow Zetta.net on Twitter at www.twitter.com/zettanet

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