By Ben Puzzuoli, Director Sales & Marketing at DataDepositBox
June 8, 2015

DataDepositBox Online Data Backup Expert Tips: Pushing out the Horizons—Expanding your Business with Cloud Technologies

The modern enterprise is global. Geographical boundaries have ceased to have significance and anywhere, anytime computing is a necessity rather than a luxury. Pushing out the horizons and expanding the business with cloud technologies is an imperative that cannot be ignored.

Business expansion demands scalability of resources. The unique value proposition of the cloud is its scalability. The cloud permits scaling up of resources on demand. Any number of servers, storage repositories and networking bandwidth can be added on a pay per use basis with no capital outlays. Operations managers, seeking business expansion, can plan for future capacity in the cloud taking into consideration all the business imperatives, objectives and goals while planning for capacity.

Under-buying or over-buying can both erode profitability of the business and impact the direction of growth of the business. Fortunately, capacity additions in the cloud can be instantaneous and it is possible to align business goals and plan for resource additions almost instantaneously (10-20 minutes or less). Since the pricing model is pay for use, financial constraints do not hamper operations.

But, business expansion may be constrained by scalability of business applications at “scaling points”. If the applications do not scale well at these points the performance and service availability may deteriorate. Some amount of re-engineering at these points may be called for if the business horizons are to be pushed out from within the cloud.

Some of the scaling points that may impact scaling up are:

  • Storage capacity
  • Network bandwidth
  • Storage input/output per second
  • Server processing and RAM capacity
  • Database transactions per minute
  • Web server threads or application processes

A quick look at the market trends indicates that many small and medium businesses are harnessing the cloud to create new delivery paradigms. Product, service or customer relationships are being redefined using cloud-driven business architectures that are empowering both the business and the customer. Business expansion is being driven by optimizations.

Enterprises are using cloud deployments to improve market agility by rapidly prototyping, innovating, scaling up and passing on cost flexibilities to customers. They use the cloud to attract adjacent customer segments and improving the market reach of the organization.

Market opportunities are being exploited by masking product delivery complexities; offering context driven variability behaviors and facilitating networks between customers, suppliers, manufacturers. Innovation is seen as a means of improving customer value and adding new revenue streams to industry ecosystems. A few enterprises are even going forward to create disruptive value paradigms and define new customer needs.

Data Deposit Box has pioneered many services in the cloud since 2003. Our patented technology has attracted more than 200,000 plus satisfied customers and we continue to attract many more. Our extensive partner network guarantees support wherever you are in the world. Our cloud solutions have won many coveted awards. Our pioneering efforts have been commended in many leading industry publications. If you are looking for ways and means of expanding your business we can help you leverage the cloud to that end.

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About the Author: Ben Puzzuoli is Director of Sales & Marketing at DataDepositBox, a Toronto based cloud data backup service provider, which is listed at both the Toronto and Frankfurt Stock Exchanges. DataDepositBox technologies and solutions are currently used daily by over 200,000 customers, 1,000 resellers, 25 MSPs and private label partners for online backup and recovery, archiving, disaster readiness, secure file sharing and remote access. Visit DDB website here:



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