Cartika has warned cloud users in a recently published blog post, that while cloud server snapshots are a useful tool, they should not be considered a reliable and complete backup solution

TORONTO, ON – July 21, 2015 — / — Cartika, a leading Canadian provider of managed application and enterprise backup services, has warned cloud users that cloud server snapshots are are a useful tool, but should not be considered a reliable and complete backup solution.

The company has commented to clarify that snapshot backups should be considered one part of a comprehensive backup strategy.

A snapshot represents the state of a server at a particular point in time. They can be used to quickly restore a server to a previous state. But snapshots have several limitations that don’t impact alternative backup strategies.

Snapshots data is typically held on the same storage devices as production data, snapshots are not compatible between hypervisor systems, and the restoration of specific files from snapshots is time-consuming and often impractical.

“Snapshots are absolutely a useful and critical tool, and certainly represent some sort of backup, but, should they really be counted on or used as a backup?” asks Cartika CEO Andrew Rouchotas, in a recent blog post, “The answer is likely not, and certainly not in most common use case scenarios.”

Cartika’s Backup-as-a-Service product can be used in addition to snapshots to provide a complete backup solution. Snapshots can be used to quickly clone, copy, and roll-back servers, while the BaaS backups provide disaster-tolerant file-level backups that are both more resilient and more flexible than snapshots for many use-cases. Any compatible server’s individual files and complete filesystems can be restored to a virtual or physical server quickly and easily. Cartika supports the majority of server operating systems.

For a limited time, Cartika’s Backup-as-a-Service platform will be available with a 99% discount for the first month for new users with a special coupon code. Businesses can receive the coupon code required to take advantage of this risk-free offer by subscribing to Cartika using the form at the end of the blog post.

About Cartika Inc:
Founded in Toronto in May 2000, Cartika Inc has established itself as a leader in Application Hosting and advanced clustering technologies. Cartika offers a wide array of infrastructure services, complemented by extensive management solutions and clustering technologies. For more information, visit

Andrew Rouchotas
+1 416-703-8684

Source: Cartika


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