Being one of most advanced backup utilities ever created, Handy Backup allows automatic backup and restoration of content for almost every cloud service existing, including such popular resources as Amazon S3, Google Drive and Dropbox. Handy Backup also supports other popular services, e.g. Windows Azure, with an utmost speed and efficiency

ALLIANCE, OH – August 12, 2015 — / — Novosoft, LLC continues the job of deep integration with commercial clouds for its most popular, best-selling software utility, Handy Backup. This software, designed for backing up any data on any modern storage media existing, is naturally dedicated for moving data copies to and from user accounts on different cloud services. Handy Backup developing team has made efforts to make Handy Backup the most effective cloud backup solution ever existed.

As Aleksey Dolgushev, Head of Handy Backup Business Development Department, said, “At first, we are turning Handy Backup into an effective Amazon S3 backup software, adding a special instrument for backing up to or from accounts on this cloud. Later, some research allows us to develop simple and fast algorithms for Google Drive and Dropbox backup. Finally, we were adding a WebDAV interface for any cloud supporting it, allowing automatic backup for almost every service existed. And now we are developing an integrated online control interface, the cool addition that will turn Handy Backup into an ultimate online backup solution”.

Handy Backup can be very effective backup client for cloud service accounts, demonstrating speed and reliability of data exchange. The program accesses the most popular services, including Google cloud, Windows Azure and Dropbox backup, through the synchronized folder on the client computer, used as data source or destination for the simplest and fastest “Computer” data option.

As an Amazon S3 backup software, Handy Backup uses the special instrument, called “Amazon S3”, to access the account. It requires some configuring before the first use for each task; in turn, it provides high exchange speed and security of data transferring. If some other services, such as Amazon Glacier, will develop some degree of popularity like Amazon S3, further improvements of Handy Backup will add dedicated data options for these cloud services into the feature list of Handy Backup.

Another key improvement for using Handy Backup as automatic backup software is an expanded set of options for online control of the backup client. The nearest versions of Handy Backup will provide users with an integrated online access to his or her Handy Backup account, allowing remote creating, operating and controlling tasks, managing licenses and planning data keeping online, through the browser-supported Web interface. Merged with online cloud backup solutions, this addition (now at a test stage) will turn Handy Backup into a center of online backup management.

About Handy Backup
Handy Backup is the unified backup solution running under any modern Windows version, Windows 8/7/Vista/XP, Windows Server 2012/2008/2003, and capable to perform some remote network operations under OS Linux. The functionality of Handy Backup allows backup, restoration and synchronization of different data types on local and remote computers, snapshotting drive images, saving copies from any database types existed and saving copies of any other data. User can control all backup and restore actions via the classic-looking graphical interface.

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