McLEAN, VA – September 6, 2015 — / — Backup solutions are a critical source to avoid data loss. Orion Network Solution provides backup solutions to protect your business from data loss.

The “backup” can be divided into two types – onsite and offsite backups. Onsite backup refers to using any local data storage such as external hard drives, tape drives, USB thumb drives that is located at same location or site where the data is. On other hand, Offsite backups refers to the backup stored by the third parties as cloud backup which can be accessed from any part of the world; considered to be the most convenient form of remote backups nowadays. Previously, it was used to be a thing available only for major corporations with deep pockets, but many IT solution providers like Orion Network Solutions have started offering remote offsite backups for small businesses.

Orion Network Solutions cover both onsite as well as offsite backup strategies to complement, as there are several benefits of both. The benefits of onsite backup solutions involves fast backup and restore, better safety and mobility.

Whereas in offsite backup solutions, the benefits includes your data’s security as your data transmission and storage will be encrypted. Another benefit of online backups includes easy access as you just need an internet connection to connect to your data. Advanced setup is also a big advantage of using online backups and with our recent introduction of the cloud backup solution at a very competitive pricing, it is going to cost businesses a lot less to get peace of mind knowing their data is completely secure.

Furthermore it is critical and much important to have backup data offsite, especially outside your network, i.e. if anything happens to your network, your data wouldn’t get affected with it if its offsite.

Since the cloud storage has become a lot cheaper, it provides an easier and much cheaper way to store your critical data offsite to mitigate risks. Cloud storage also holds a stipulation that it should meet standards like HIPAA. Orion Network solutions provides backup solutions that are secure and meets various compliance standards like HIPAA, PCI-DSS etc.

But there are always pros and cons of all approaches. Same goes here for these two types of backups as you might actually just need one or the other or both, depending on your specific needs. Additionally there are nuances within each type in terms of how they are implemented. Orion Network Solution, with their years of expertise and highly skilled team, can assess your specific business needs long with challenges. They can then help design a customized backup plan that is cost effective while comprehensive with their expanded Backup solutions.

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