By Ben Puzzuoli, Director Sales & Marketing at DataDepositBox
October 06, 2015 (SI-061)

Data Deposit Box Online Backup Expert Tips: Restoring Data to the Same or Similar Environment

If you have lost a workstation, PC or a system disk on a server, you will be able to recount the difficulty of restoring your system to its original state. Such data loss is not only complicated, but also annoying, and can make you face difficulties in restoring of lost data. You will have your data restored to either similar or same environment in as much as you already created backups you can use for the restoration. Such exercise will squeeze hours out of your workday.

Obviously, there may be a need for re-installation of applications, operating system, and other important configurations you have on your system earlier for you to be able to restore your system to its original state. That will give you opportunity to read your data in a new system after complete restoration and recovery. The amount of installed data in your system, the type of operating system you had in your system, the applications you originally had, are the things that will determine the time it will take for you to fully restore your system. For that reason, it can take hours, days, and even weeks for you to restore your system fully.

Generally, cloud backup service providers encourage users to not only backup their system resources, but also to backup the entire applications. Therefore, typically, there may be a need to back applications, operating system, generated data as well as the data components. At times, service providers may create snapshots of the disk (at any given point in time) with the use of either disk cloning or disk imaging. Also, for smooth restorations to either similar or the same environment at a later time, the system could be configured so that the entire content may be captured with time-stamp as image of the disk. More so, there is total recreation of applications, data and data components through restoration process to easily restore the original system.

There are many benefits associated with disk cloning used for both backup and restore. For instance, cloning comes in handy for restoration and reboot operations, which require clean restore from a master image. Also, the process is always expected to be in full and good working order at the point of restoration. In order to get the system refreshed and re-used, some small and medium businesses, as well as educational institutions use such kind of restore and backup.

If you are looking for a way to quickly recover your system after a disaster, using identical hardware to restore your data is advised. Furthermore, if you do not have time to set up and configure a system, but want to make provision for a new user or upgrade your hard disk, this particular type of restore operation will be best and perfect for you.

About the Author: Ben Puzzuoli is Director of Sales & Marketing at DataDepositBox, a Toronto based cloud data backup service provider, which is listed at both the Toronto and Frankfurt Stock Exchanges. DataDepositBox technologies and solutions are currently used daily by over 200,000 customers, 1,000 resellers, 25 MSPs and private label partners for online backup and recovery, archiving, disaster readiness, secure file sharing and remote access. Visit DDB website here:



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