New Bevy In-Home Connected Device and Mobile App Now Shipping and Available in the U.S. and Canada

BOSTON, MA – Oct. 13, 2015 — / — Lineage Labs today announced the availability of Bevy, a smart in-home connected device and app that collects, organizes and protects digital photos and videos taken by any family member on a mobile phone, tablet or digital camera. Lineage Labs created the Bevy Smart Photo System in partnership with Intel Corporation.

Bevy provides an easy and private way for multi-user families and groups to collect and share digital photos and videos in one place. Bevy also helps free up valuable storage space on mobile devices by automatically transferring photos to the in-home Bevy that can be accessed from anywhere. Bevy’s unique hybrid technology consists of a smart, small connected device that lives in the home, plus a mobile app that everyone in the family can use. The app enables them to easily contribute and enjoy photos from the entire family collection, anytime and anywhere – regardless of whether they are in the same location as the physical Bevy device.

“We created Bevy to solve the distress caused by the digital photo explosion. Collectively we take billions of images that are at risk of being lost to time. Bevy gives families a simple and effective way to save, organize and share those memories with one another,” said Firdaus Bhathena, chief executive officer and co-founder, Lineage Labs. “We are thrilled to partner with Intel to bring back the joy of digital memories to families everywhere. Every component has been carefully selected to serve the intended use of the product – a compact, versatile, smart photo system designed for families.”

To help bring back the joy of capturing and sharing family memories, all photos and videos stored on Bevy can be enjoyed on-demand inside or outside the home via the Bevy app on a mobile device. Using an HDMI cable, Bevy can be connected to a TV enabling users to simply “fling” a photo in the Bevy app onto the big screen for at-home viewing. Bevy photos and videos can also be shared easily via social networks, text or email, or saved to a smartphone or tablet directly through the app.

“The beauty of Bevy is that it isn’t just a device for mom, dad and the kids,” said Nancy Smith, chief marketing officer and co-founder, Lineage Labs. “It was designed to be dead simple to set up and use, so it’s a great way to share images with grandparents, or anyone within a family who wants to stay connected. And each image is protected. There’s no better way for a family to ensure that their lifetime of memories is organized, safeguarded and shareable.”

All of a family’s digital photos and videos are stored within the Bevy and can be additionally safeguarded through in-home backup (at no additional charge) or secure encrypted cloud backup (for a small additional fee) creating a barrier against large-scale internet security threats, while mitigating privacy concerns.

Each Bevy contains either 1TB storage capacity, which equates to approximately 400,000 high-res photos, or a 2TB option that can hold approximately a million photos. Bevy is currently available for purchase in Blue, Black and Purple in a 1TB or 2TB size for $349 and $429, respectively at Customers will be offered a special launch price of the 1TB or 2TB size for $299 and $349, respectively.

About Lineage Labs
Lineage Labs was formed to ease digital friction for families by creating simpler, better ways for people to tell stories through their photos and videos. The company’s flagship product is Bevy, an in-home connected device that greatly simplifies and secures the photo and video management process, particular for families looking to safeguard their memories. Lineage Labs is headquartered in Boston. Additional information on Lineage Labs and Bevy can be found at and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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