SUNNYVALE, CA – Nov. 2, 2015 — / — Bloombase is pleased to announce that it has joined Thales e-Security’s Alliance for Solution and Application Providers (ASAP) program and has developed a joint solution addressing enterprise data leakage and exposure vulnerabilities through next generation data-at-rest encryption. This solution helps organizations meet stringent confidentiality and regulatory compliance mandates, utilizing Thales key management security features that deliver enhanced security and scalability.

The paradigm shift in data management and storage is multi-dimensional, and the risk of data exposure and requirement for privacy protection has escalated significantly. The risks include the diversity of cyberattacks, addition of unstructured data to structured datasets, extension to next generation virtualized and cloud storage environments and storage methods, and the overall increase in data generation and sources. Given these infrastructure paradigm changes, traditional security strategies in data management must evolve. Point products built for legacy environments lack scalability and extensibility, and are costly and risky in response to changes.

Bloombase StoreSafe is an agentless, turnkey, application-transparent, high performance data storage encryption solution with non-disruptive deployment.

Bloombase operates on a single platform with an expansive reach over heterogeneous networked storage environments:

  • Bloombase’s software-defined architecture leverages security-hardened hardware, future-proofed to meet infrastructure changes through sustainability, scalability and flexibility.
  • Encryption over wide range of storage protocols and systems now extends across SAN, NAS, DAS, tape library, VTL, CAS, object stores, and various RESTful cloud storage services.
  • Driven by Big Data and the business need to encrypt everything, Bloombase eliminates data discovery, classification and the requisite coupling with software applications to match next generation storage-centric protection requirements (file level, object level, share level, LUN/volume level, etc.).

The Bloombase/Thales joint solution leverages a transformational appliance approach that yields high performance and high assurance. Depending on the environment, the Thales nShield Connect hardware security module (HSM) or keyAuthority centralized key manager can safeguard and manage encryption keys within a dedicated, security hardened device, ensuring that the keys are never exposed to unauthorized entities. Integrating Thales nShield or keyAuthority with Bloombase StoreSafe creates a solution that is protected to NIST FIPS 140-2 Level 3. This extends StoreSafe’s scope of protection from on-premises traditional storage systems, hypervisor data stores, object stores and big data repositories to next-generation off-premises RESTful cloud storage services for all business software applications, including databases, data-warehousing, business intelligence, analytics, content management, retention, backup and archival.

“This partnership matches Thales’s best of breed key management capabilities with Bloombase’s robust at-rest data security as a total solution over complex heterogeneous enterprise IT environments. Beyond a technical alliance between Bloombase and Thales certifying the interoperability of StoreSafe and nShield/keyAuthority, we are building on a strategic business partnership of joint customer wins from Fortune 500 organizations.” Sean Xiang, Bloombase CEO.

“As organizations increasingly rely on big data applications to derive valuable business intelligence, data storage resources need to be protected. Cryptography is an integral part of that data protection strategy and being able to trust the cryptographic applications is paramount. Bloombase customers can now choose whether to offload the cryptographic capabilities to a dedicated Thales nShield HSM or use Thales keyAuthority to externalize the key management without offloading the cryptographic functions, depending on their storage security application. Whichever method they choose, the Thales solution ensures the cryptographic keys are used only for their authorized purposes as well as significantly reducing operational risk.” says Henry Cheli, vice president business development and technical alliances.

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