Findings Show Consumers Who Overlook Cloud Backup Leave Digital Memories Vulnerable to Data Loss

BOSTON, MA – November 3, 2015 — / — Carbonite, Inc. (NASDAQ:CARB), a leading provider of automatic and secure cloud backup for homes and businesses, today announced the results of a Google Consumer survey commissioned by Carbonite that explores the fears, perceptions and misconceptions around data backup. The survey, which included 500 respondents ages 18 and over, underscores the confusion that consumers have regarding the differences between backing up their personal data and storing it online. In addition, the survey highlights that while people place a significant value on their personal data (photos, movies, documents), many are leaving it unprotected.

Key survey findings include:
– Consumers don’t want to lose their most valuable personal data. Only 2 out of 10 respondents say that they are “very concerned” about losing their data. However, when asked what they’d rather lose than their data, 30% of respondents would rather lose all the saved content on their DVR, 20% would rather lose access to social media, and almost 10% of those surveyed would rather lose their wedding ring.

– Stored data is not necessarily safe data. Confusing data backup and data storage is risky. Only about 50% of respondents said they know the difference between data storage and backup, meaning they may not be aware that some of their data is at risk of permanent deletion. Manually moving irreplaceable files to the cloud to be stored is not as safe or reliable as automatic cloud backup.

– Treating a laptop like a lockbox will cost them. Respondents put a premium on storing data on their laptops, but not a premium on protecting it. Almost 30% say that a quarter of the data on their personal computer is irreplaceable, but that very same percentage does not know when their data was last backed up. This leaves data vulnerable to devastating loss, such as in the event of a stolen laptop, crashed hard drive, or natural disaster.

– Pictures are worth a thousand words, but aren’t backed up. Almost 40% of people surveyed consider photos to be the most valuable content saved on their computer, but a lack of concern regarding backing up personal files means that they are putting their most precious memories at risk of being lost forever.

“What struck me most about the survey results was the list of things people would rather lose than their data,” said Nina McIntyre, Carbonite CMO. “Unfortunately, there’s still a lot of confusion about the differences between cloud backup and cloud storage, and users tend to pay the price. With automatic cloud backup, your photos and data are protected as soon as you create them, so you never have to remind yourself to manually upload your files to a cloud storage provider. At Carbonite, we protect your digital life so you never have to worry about losing those cherished photos and important documents.”

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Survey Methodology
Carbonite commissioned Google Consumer Surveys to collect responses from a representative sample of 500 respondents (a minimum of 500 unique responses per question) in August of 2015. Since survey questions included a “no response” option, percentages included in this report may not add up to 100. All survey participants were based in the U.S., ranging in age, gender, income levels, and geographic location.

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