Video capability and “Remote Invite” feature now added to Bevy at no cost

BOSTON, MA – March 17, 2016 — / — Most videos taken by families are enjoyed once, maybe twice, before being stored and forgotten, or deleted. Some find brief life on social channels, but most video memories are ultimately lost to time. Bevy, introduced late last year by Boston-based Lineage Labs, is changing this dynamic, by introducing a simple way to capture, safeguard and share every video that a family takes. Lineage Labs created Bevy in collaboration with Intel.

Bevy is a small in-home connected device that wirelessly captures the photos taken by any family member on a mobile phone, tablet or digital camera. Families set their preferences – automatic upload or at-will – and Bevy does the rest. Since Bevy launched in late 2015, more than 10 million photos have been saved and shared by Bevy users – millions of family memories that may have otherwise disappeared.

Beginning on March 22nd, the same option will be available for video. Video capability will be added to every Bevy, at no cost, via an automatic software update.

“I can remember as a child watching slide show projections with my family. These are charming memories, but the effort it took to make that happen – take the pictures, turn them into slides, insert them into the carousel tray and send it spinning – just would not happen today,” said Firdaus Bhathena, chief executive officer, Lineage Labs. “Today, everyone can create images and videos in an instant, but most of them end up lost. Bevy saves them. We built Bevy to give those memories the long life they deserve.”

Bevy helps to connect families separated by distance. Bevy gives every family member, no matter their location, access to the full set of images and videos housed within the unit. All family members connect to Bevy via the free Bevy mobile app.

A “Remote Invitations” feature, recently added for free to Bevy, now lets users send an invitation directly to a family member or friend anywhere in the world, giving that person secure remote access to Bevy. There are no limits to the number of people who can be added to your Bevy. Recipients are prompted to download the Bevy app and accept the invitation. Once they’ve done so, their work is over and they can add, explore and share photos and videos at their leisure.

By design, Bevy is simple to use. In particular, grandparents are finding that Bevy is an ideal way to follow children and grandchildren from afar. One early customer, a California grandmother, described herself to the team at Lineage Labs as the “photo historian” of the family, and described the “delight” she felt over the Bevy experience.

The Bevy Basics
Bevy is fairly small and unobtrusive. It features a brushed aluminum exterior and a black, blue or purple top. All photos and videos are stored in a single place, either with an in-home USB backup (at no additional charge) or soon to be available secure cloud backup (for an additional fee). Bevy creates a safe barrier against large-scale internet security threats, while mitigating the privacy concerns associated with web or cloud-based storage services.

The Bevy app gives each family member a personalized experience, with individual profiles and customized privacy settings. Teenagers – prolific content creators who value privacy – can set their profile to their comfort level.

How Bevy Works
Setup takes a few minutes and includes these steps:
1. Plug in Bevy
2. Install the Bevy app on a smartphone or tablet
3. Follow the simple steps in the app to connect wirelessly to Bevy
4. Give Bevy permission to upload photos/videos
5. Enjoy

Bevy automatically organizes photos and videos based on the metadata (date, location, source and more) attached to each file. Bevy also integrates an intuitive labeling system that makes it simple for users to create personalized, easily sortable photo/video collections.

Bevy can also be connected to the home television via a standard HDMI cable. Photos can be viewed on the big screen by simply swiping up on the photo in the Bevy app. They appear instantly.

Bevy is available with either 1 TB or 2 TB of storage capacity. The 1 TB can hold approximately 400,000 photos or 112 hours of HD video, and the 2 TB Bevy can hold up to approximately 1 Million photos or 230 hours of HD video (or some combination of the two).

About Lineage Labs
Lineage Labs was formed to ease digital friction for families by creating simpler, better ways for people to tell stories through their photos and videos. The company’s flagship product is Bevy, an in-home connected device that greatly simplifies and secures the photo and video management process, particularly for families looking to safeguard their memories. Lineage Labs is headquartered in Boston. Additional information on Lineage Labs and Bevy can be found at and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Source: Lineage Labs



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