SSProtect is a collection of data protection services operating in concert to secure and manage sensitive data

EL CERRITO, CA – April 21, 2016 — / — DefiniSec today announced General Availability of SSProtect, its suite of data protection and management components that combat today’s most advanced Cybersecurity threats. SSProtect combines established protection techniques with patent-pending innovations offered by the KODiAC Cloud Service Architecture, together offering practical protection without significant impact to end-user workflows.

“We have been working for almost 2 years to realize the vision of true application-independent data protection with real effectiveness.”, said John Poffenbarger, Founder and CEO. “We have achieved this by combining security, availability, early detection, and event visibility together into a single set of services that offer ongoing data exposure risk visibility that is critical when responding to security incidents.”

This release includes SSProtect :Foundation, comprised of the following components:

Provides fine-grained two-factor authentication while insuring sensitive plaintext is only accessed by authorized processes. Also includes Honeypots, which provide early warning of potentially malicious behavior on host computers.

Manages in-place encryption, which allows protected files to retain their original personality, minimizing the impact to existing end-user workflows.

Manages cryptographic keys required for seamless, automatic sharing of protected content. This allows end-users to share protected files using Email, SharePoint, network mapped drives, file sync & sharing software, USB thumb drives – all while retaining protection.

The following optional extensions are also a part of this release:

Manages cloud-based data access event information storing what, when, where, from whom, for how long, and how data is accessed. On-demand reports provide instant data exposure risk insight, answering, “How bad is it?” almost instantly – invaluable during Incident Response.

A complete policy-based mail protection solution for Microsoft Outlook email clients, built entirely using :Expand, a programmatic interface extending SSProtect to external applications.

Provides seamless inline cloud backup and restore of protected content, without impact to end-users. Offers one-touch restoration of any version of any file, or an entire end-user archive. This permits users to recover damaged or sabotaged files, remediating the impact of Ransomware.

A Disaster Recovery solution providing privileged Administrators offline, secure access to a potentially complete archive of the entire Organization’s history of protected data.

SSProtect uses a self-service deployment model and can be setup for use in minutes, not hours or days. End-users are able to work with protected files and documents almost exactly as they have before, minimizing the learning curve while providing a high degree of protection.

Poffenbarger continued, “Our goal is to remove traditional barriers that stop organizations from deploying protective controls. By providing a solution that’s easy to use, deploy, and manage, we aim to make nation-state adversaries and organized crime rethink their strategies. Today’s release along with items we have on the drawing board set the stage for a new era where data owners regain control of their information.”

About Definitive Data Security
Definitive Data Security, Inc. is a provider of host application data protection software focused on stopping international electronic espionage and ransomware campaigns that plague corporate and government networks. The company offers practical, easy to use, deploy, and administer data protection technologies leveraging decades of hands-on security expertise to prioritize R&D innovation.

Definitive Data Security, Inc.

Source: Definitive Data Security, Inc.



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