By Alyssa Fern, Marketing Content and Social Media Manager at Synametrics Technologies
April 29, 2016

Synametrics Cloud Backup Expert Tips: Sharing Made Simple with SynaMan

Sharing large files and documents throughout a company could become extremely complicated. The size of the file could deter it from delivering, third-party viewers could compromise confidential information, or files can corrupt between different platforms. Headaches like these could waste time and valuable information within a company. Luckily, Synametrics Technologies has created a file manager and sharing system called SynaMan, that overcomes all of these possible hurdles.

SynaMan allows you to share large files privately from any platform device. There are no limits on file transfers or usage with this file-managing product. This means, you do not have to worry about size and the amount of data getting transferred.

SynaMan can be accessed at any time from anywhere. This includes, desktop, laptops, or even cell phones. You are able to send files right from your network or through attachment via email anywhere globally.

This software product is also extremely affordable. With three different versions, the pricing is up to you.

The Personal version is free, but has the least amount of features available:

  • Personal Use

  • Mobile Access

  • Unlimited File Transfers

  • Single User

Next, there is Professional version, which is $299, with the same features as above plus:

  • Commercial Use

  • Unlimited Users

  • Public Links

  • Partial Branding

Last but not least, there is Enterprise version. This version is $949 but has every feature available on the software including the above plus:

  • Total Branding

  • Enhanced Browser

  • Embedded SMTP

  • Active Directory

  • Invite Users

  • Triggers

  • Command Line Interface

Whichever version suits your needs best, SynaMan will help make file transferring and managing much simpler.

To find out more about Synaman and Synametrics Technologies, visit or contact via phone or email.

Learn more about SynaMan (video) –

Phone: +1-609-750-0007

About the Author: Alyssa Fern is the marketing content and social media manager for Synametrics Technologies. As a recent English Literature and Communicaitons degree graduate, Alyssa hopes to bring a fresh and informative spin on articles for the IT community. Synametrics Technologies is a privately held company based in Plainsboro, New Jersey that have been providing solutions for the IT community since 1997. Here we continue to create and hone innovative products that help our customers get more from their computer applications, databases, and infrastructure. To date, over one million users around the world have chosen Synametrics solutions to help power their accelerated business or personal computing needs. Connect with the author via LinkedIn at:




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