AUSTIN, TX – May 02, 2016 — / — As enterprises continue to migrate their business applications and data to cloud services, their need to be able to quickly recover from a data loss disaster is more crucial than ever.  So today, we’re proud to announce that we’ve extended our enterprise-class SaaS data protection for Microsoft Office 365 to include backup and restore for OneDrive for Business, where a rapidly growing number of enterprise users are storing and sharing their important documents and files. With this release, Spanning helps reduce the risk of data loss in OneDrive for Business and ensures easy, prompt restoration of users’ crucial business data.

According to a report by BitGlass, enterprise adoption of SaaS productivity applications grew from 25% in 2014 to 48% in 2015 and Microsoft Office 365 adoption led the pack with a jump from 7.7% to 25.2% of the 120,000 organizations analyzed. Enterprises are making this change because of the simplicity, flexibility, and favorable economics of Office 365. And there is another advantage – Microsoft has some of the best security experts in the world focused on keeping Office 365 safe, resulting in office productivity solutions that are likely more secure than what you could manage yourself.

When your team made the decision to move from your on-premises solution to Microsoft Office 365, they likely assessed the impact on risk, security, and compliance. Unfortunately, we often see a lack of awareness that there is still a risk of data loss and the ongoing responsibility organizations have to protect their data.

Microsoft is responsible for running their services and ensuring they do not lose or destroy your data, but you are responsible for managing and protecting your data from accidental or malicious behavior.  From an audit and compliance standpoint, your responsibilities did not change when you moved to Office 365 and you may be required to demonstrate your ability to recover from common SaaS data loss scenarios.

In a recent international survey commissioned by Spanning, accidental deletion of information was the leading cause of data loss from SaaS applications (43% in U.S., 41% in U.K.), ahead of data loss caused by malicious insiders and hackers.

Think about that. Inadvertent deletion can destroy critical information —and SaaS vendors may not be in a position to restore data that has been accidentally deleted. There are also additional threats from employees with one foot out the door, intentionally purging information as a means of retribution.

Ransomware attacks are on the rise, leveraging malware that encrypts data on local devices and in the cloud holding it hostage until payment is made. Practitioners of this devious concept are becoming more adept at infecting systems and data—with one of the most high-profile victims being Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital, which was forced to move 900 patients to other facilities, revert to paper-based record keeping, and endure a slew of negative publicity.

Presbyterian Hospital paid their attackers to release their data. But what if, in the event of a successful ransomware attack against your Office 365 data, you could simply “roll-back” all of your files to the state before the attack occurred? Rather than pay the hackers, you could stand-up a new clean instance and quickly and easily restore known good data. It would be the fastest and cheapest way to get back into operation. Microsoft offers strong ATP capabilities meant to prevent malware, but hackers are smart, and some are bound to be successful. And when the worst case happens, getting back into business as quickly as possible is your top priority.

Our data protection survey revealed that most IT pros rely on their SaaS providers to restore their critical data—nearly half in the U.S., and 42% in the U.K.  Except Microsoft can’t protect you from everything, and accidental or malicious data loss is one of those things. Microsoft does a great job of protecting their customers’ data from loss due to infrastructure failures, but they make it VERY clear that “It’s your data. You own it. You control it.” And that’s why we provide Spanning Backup for Office 365.

OneDrive for Business supports file restoration for deleted files for up to 180 days. As an extension to the strong Office 365 fundamentals, Spanning Backup for Office 365 now supports OneDrive for Business and is here to ensure the safety and, if necessary, expedient recovery of your data, through:

  • Automated and on-demand backup: For all files that are stored by an individual in OneDrive for Business, Spanning Backup will perform a daily, granular backup. It also provides the application’s administrator the ability to perform granular, on-demand backups of this data.
  • Daily and point-in-time, granular restore: Once these backups have been performed, the end user has the ability to restore their own files from a specific point in time back into their own OneDrive for Business account. Admins can restore files back to the original owner’s OneDrive for Business account, or into a different user’s account.
  • Transparent, actionable reporting and alerts: Admins will have clear insight into the state of all backup and restore activities. Also, there will be an immutable log of actions taken by admins and the system.
  • Mobile-friendly UI: Mobility is central to the user interface design of Spanning Backup for Office 365 to match the way Office 365 works anytime, anywhere, on any device, from mobile device to tablet to laptop or desktop.
  • Unlimited storage: Spanning Backup for Office 365 offers unlimited storage and backup versions.

“What really causes havoc when a data loss incident occurs is the inability to recover quickly,“ said Jeff Erramouspe, vice president and general manager of Spanning by EMC. “While the likelihood of SaaS data loss may be low, it is higher than most IT professionals realize.  What would you do if all of your Office 365 data were unavailable because of a rogue employee or a ransomware attack? Spanning Backup for Office 365 allows businesses to quickly restore their data to the known good state from immediately prior to the attack. That is our mission – to be the ultimate backstop against SaaS data loss, regardless of the cause”

“When organizations move their application to a SaaS provider, the provider takes on the uptime and availability burden, including backup, but customers don’t have access to those backups, and the provider does not offer restoration services for data loss caused by the customer. That’s why third-party SaaS data protection applications, like Spanning Backup for Office 365, are important,” said Deni Connor, Principal Analyst, SSG-NOW. “Being able to easily search for lost or purged data and quickly restore it back to its original state allows organizations to stay productive and meet their defined policies for data protection.”

To meet the needs of a global market and requirements of Microsoft customers around the world, Spanning has inked new go-to-market relationships with key channel partners that have a strong focus on Microsoft business. The product is available from Insight, SHI, Tech Data and Zones along with many Spanning Authorized Resellers.

Backup for OneDrive for Business is available immediately in the Spanning Backup for Office 365 product. It will be introduced and available for demonstrations at EMC World in the Core Technologies booth.

The product is included with Spanning Backup for Office 365 and pricing starts at an annual $48/user/year. Special pricing is available for enterprise accounts, educational organizations and non-profits. Learn more about this product or try a free 14-day trial and see how it works.

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