Breaking the Myths of Online Data Storage

INDORE, INDIA – May 17, 2016 — / — Quora and Twitter went crazy when entrepreneurs expressed their insecurities related to storing their entire business data online. This is primarily related to cloud-based accounting softwares, which claim to manage their entire operations online. A large number of companies feel unsafe and think that data theft is a prime concern.

Is online data theft or insecurity a myth? Or is the data out there on servers really safe, as the many accounting software companies assure.

Giddh, the latest release of Walkover, claims that the data put here is highly secure. The entire information is stored on the AWS servers, one of the best and most secure servers. Plus, the use of JAVA technology makes accounting a robust experience.

An organisation’s data is far more insecure offline than it is online is the general view. Imagine if a company’s accounting software crashes, it is obvious that the data too will crash with it. Think about online softwares on the other hand that backup the information on their own, without having to do it manually.

The organisations are at the limitation of sharing their data with more people in offline accounting softwares. Besides, they do not have the capability of synchronizing data from multiple systems. This is the biggest advantage of online softwares – one can access their data from any system in the world. Backups are automatic, and so are the updates. Security, too, should not be a concern since online softwares assure a high level of data encryption.

Online accounting softwares are not a bad try after all; consider Giddh that has released today, to change the perception of online accounting softwares.

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