Instead of obsolete techniques such as implementing external WebDAV bridges or using a local synchronized Dropbox folder for backups, Handy Backup now provides a fast, reliable plug-in for using Dropbox both as a source or as a destination for data backup. This plug-in operates with internal Dropbox storage and connection protocols directly, requiring no external utility to run properly, and stores data in native formats, allowing using Dropbox backup files directly from a storage.

ALLIANCE, OH – June 15, 2016 — / — Novosoft, LLC releases a new version of its best-selling backup software called Handy Backup. The most significant improvement of this version is a plug-in for direct access to Dropbox cloud storage, which can serve either as a data backup source or as a vault for keeping backups. Based on a standard graphical user interface (GUI), this feature allows all standard options and advantages of Handy Backup for using it as Dropbox backup software.

As Anton Chmarak, the main developer of Handy Backup Team, said: “This new Dropbox feature allows Handy Backup operating with Dropbox server directly, for example, to copy a folder and all its files to Dropbox, or to backup Dropbox to external hard drive or to a NAS. A Dropbox account can serve as an excellent online backup storage for local data from a typical computer. The new plug-in allows direct operations with Dropbox, requiring no external utilities to run; thus, it saves much space and time for a productive work.”

Handy Backup Dropbox plug-in is a feature allowing linking Handy Backup with Dropbox cloud service. After the initial setup, Handy Backup remembers a particular Dropbox configuration, allowing using this account in any new task. This feature can work in junction with any other plug-in, saving and restoring both local and online data such as saving website content to Dropbox or backup Dropbox to Google Drive. It completely governs all Dropbox backup and restore operations. Storing all data in native formats, this plug-in allows using or even restoring any single file directly via the Dropbox web interface, through a synchronized local folder or by every other method, requiring no full restoration to browse or to use these data.

About Novosoft LLC
The Novosoft LLC is a software developing company producing a wide line both customized and boxed products, mainly in an area of business processes automation. For more than twenty years, millions of individual customers and many hundreds of companies throughout the entire world appreciates different Novosoft solutions, such as ASOMI and Handy Backup software, saving much time and efforts for modern IT users and business staff. Among the advantages of Novosoft product lines are the business-level operational reliability and a clear, reasonable price tag with no extra fees or commissions for any product Novosoft sells on an IT market.

About Handy Backup
Handy Backup is the ever-popular backup solution produced by Novosoft LLC. It allows highly automated backup and restoration of any data, as well as replication, synchronization, cloning and many other operations related to copying or moving big datasets. Handy Backup works under all modern versions of Windows including Windows 10/8/7/Vista, Windows Server 2012(R2)/2008(R2), and its Network Agents can be started on remote machines running under some popular distributives of Linux. The program can save and restore data of any types including databases, FTP content, websites, user-defined files and folders, as well as entire disk images. The graphical interface (GUI), simple to learn and classical-looking, allows user to control any backup and restoration activities.

Many editions of Handy Backup are available to suit the typical requirements of personal, business and network-based backup. You can always select an edition just for you, as well as upgrade your edition with extra features to grab a required functionality for your tasks.

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